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Double eyelid surgery and Buccal Fat Removal with Dr. Kolawach

A combination of face slimming and eye reforming plastic surgery at DRK with Dr. Kolawach.

Hi guys, I’m Abbey and I would like to share you my experience in doing double eyelid surgery and buccal fat removal. I reason why I thought of doing my upper eyelid is because I want to achieve the big eyes which is the trendy eyes for Asians. It emphasizes the shape of the eyes, making it more tantalizing at captivating. Also because with one and narrow eyelids, I look suspicious and tired all the time. Enhancing the upper eyelid to create a double eyelid would revitalize my look to much more younger and feisty.

My next concern is my chubby cheeks which is common among girls, and mostly some put much diet to get a slim face, but in my case I’ve been dieting so much already and there’s not much changes on my puffy cheeks. Botox and jaw surgery is not the best procedure for me because their effects are not to reduce the fat on my cheeks.

I know what to do to enhance my look and all I need is a good doctor to do it. I have many recommendations from many of my friends, and after a long research I decided to pick DRK to be my beauty creator.

Dr. Kolawach is the best in Thailand for plastic surgery, well-known buccal fat removal surgeon with more than 10,000 patients all over the world. With the eyelid surgery, he is one of the top best blepharoplasty surgeons with a distinct technique that not all surgeons will do.

This is me before I had buccal fat removal and double eyelid surgery with Dr. Kolwach.

Those chubby cheeks are cute, but it’s just not my style. I want to look sexy and fierce…

Now look at my eyes, I had to put too make makeup to give emphasize for big eyes, but it’s difficult to apply eyeliner because my monolids are limited to dimensions. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

This is me immediately after my buccal fat removal and double eyelid surgery with Dr. Kolawach.

It was such a great relief to have a nice and comfortable surgery. It took for an hour to finish my operation but doctor’s hands were so gentle and skillful it didn’t hurt me or give me nervous at all.

It was bloodless, painless and faultless operation. I’m in the recovery room now, rest a few minutes and will be fine to go back home.

One week after my Buccal Fat Removal and Double Eyelid surgery with Dr. Kolawach.

At this point, no much swelling on the eyes and the cheeks are starting to heal. The incisions on the eyes are getting better as well as inside the cheeks.

Two weeks after my Buccal Fat removal and Double eyelid surgery with Dr. Kowalach.

I can put makeup on my eyelids now, the incision are totally healed. I am also beginning to see my cheeks are smaller now.

Third week after I had Buccal Fat removal and Double eyelid surgery with Dr. Kolawach.

I went out of the country. After the surgery, I can go travel as usual. No need for a long downtime. And traveling now is very convenient because I will take a lot of photos confidently with my new look.

One month after my Buccal Fat Removal and Double Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Kolawach.

My happiness is immeasurable, all my family and friends can tell that I have changed a lot. My appearance and my aura are radiating all over the place. Today I went to a beach with my friends… I got many compliments from them, and I feel great. hahaha

6 weeks after my Buccal fat removal and Double eyelid surgery with Dr. Kolawach.

My slimmed face is visible at this time, most of my friends tell me that I look like a half Thai. Hahaha I am truly lucky to choose DRK to make my desired look to achievement.

What a huge makeover transformation just by doing buccal fat removal and double eyelid. From being cheeky to sexy look.

A lot have changed after my plastic surgery with Dr. Kolawach, he changed my life in an instance and in a very marvelous outcome. I couldn’t ask for more, he has given me the best treatment I could ever expect and for that I am forever thankful of him. I believe that he will surpass all the surgeons around the world, and I will be one of the proofs to that.

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