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Beauty Combo for Natural Korean Style: Double Eyelid and Vshape Buccal Fat Removal by Dr. Kolawach

Perfect Combination of Surgery to change your chubby face and puffy eyes to slim V contour and blooming look.

Hi everyone, I'm Aon from Thailand and I am here to share with you my beauty journey with DRK (Dr. Kolawach) which plays a major key to changing my life as I become more positive and lively.

New trend and ideal Asian look for face is the "V-shape", apparently mine is so round. I am not an overweight girl, I am only 45kg, and no matter how exercise and proper diet I do, my face remained the same. I feel very upset every time I am being teased by my friends about how round my face is, and it leaves me low self confidence on taking photos, I have to do angles and cover my face with my hair all the time.

Another concern is my mono eyelids, meaning I have only one eyelid, the typical Asian eyes. It gives me a look of a child and sleepy. This condition has been every one's burden. I want a more defined eyes, more expressive and would make me look cuter.

This will be my first cosmetic surgery procedure for my cheeks, although second time for my the eyes, I am not satisfied with the result I had with my first procedure. The tired eyes is still revealing and it looks like it didnt change anything with how my eyes look. I am scared and nervous about how it is going to be. I have no idea what is it gonna be... My friend who is a Net Idol endorsed DRK to me, she said Dr. Kolawach is an expert Plastic Surgeon in Thailand and has good reputation. I believe her because I saw her result and she showed me a lot of celebrities that chose Dr. Kolawach to do surgery with them.

**Before Buccal Fat Removal**

Look how chubby my face is. It is not proportion to my body. I really want to have that Vshape face like Koreans have.

Look at my puffy tired eyes, they dont express anything at all aside from being sleepy and groggy. Also it is very difficult to put makeup eyeliners. If I have double eyelid, it will surely give me a more expressive eyes and look blooming.

**Next day after my buccal fat removal and double eyelid surgery with Dr. Kolawach**

My eyes and cheeks are still swollen, but this reaction is normal. I am still relieved that I have no horrible bruises and no pain. Doctor prescribed a good medicine for swelling and pain, also for infection. I feel very safe and worry-free.

**7 days after my buccal fat removal and double eyelid surgery**

I feel great that my eyes and cheeks looks normal now, I was able to attend my meetings. Moreover, I don't look terrible. I was even more confident with my new look. My close friends said the outcome is very natural yet stunning. My eyes are not swelling anymore and my cheeks are seemingly more slimmer.

**2nd week after my buccal fat removal and double eyelid surgery with Dr. Kolawach**

People say I look different in photos, I dont have to cover my face anymore. Also my friends keeps on complimenting my new look, they say I really look better. Most importantly I had a very safe and no complication after the surgery. My doctor is really good!

The outcome is revealing how remarkable and successful my buccal fat removal surgery was. The Vshape contour that I wanted was achieved and I look more beautiful than Korean Pop star! hahaha

My eyes are now more defined and bigger like a barbie. No more puffy and tiresome look, now I have a more expressive eyes.

I would like to give all the credits to Dr. Kolawach and whole DRK team for such job greatly done. Nobody else can do this excellent result as DRK can. The doctor's technique, the clinic facilities, the personnel service are magnificent and it gives the satisfaction I expected. I honestly believe that DRK is the best plastic surgery center in Thailand and I encourage you all to come visit them, talk to your preferred surgeon. I assure you, you will not waste your time.

Thanks for reading and see you again!

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