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Achieve Big Dolly Eyes Double Eyelid Surgery

Say goodbye to tired and sleepy looking eyes and achieve an expression of lively mood!

As a young student, I've been having so many insecurities among girls in school. Some of my friends always take me for a sleepy person all the time or tired, but actually I'm not. My eyes or having mono eyelids have caused me the impression of tired and sleepy. So my temporary solution to it is by applying makeup and stick cosmetic eyelid to make it look like I have double eyelids.

**Before I had Double Eyelid surgery with Dr. Beer**

Putting makeup everyday for the eyes is such a hassle, I cannot touch my eyes freely, I have to be careful all the time. If I need to wash my face, I need to leave the eyes for it is really inconvenient to apply makeup on the eyes again.

At the end of the day, my eyes look the same. Tired and sleepy. Every time I look at the mirror without makeup, I lose my confidence. My personality is jolly but my face doesn't show.

That's why I've decided to make it better and permanent. The only solution? Plastic Surgery.

Of course, doing something under the knife could be scary, it's normal. But if you do it with someone who is an expert, I'm definite that the operation will be a success.

So looking for the best and right surgeon took time, I didn't rush things. I am careful because I don't want to look like those people I see around with terrible results

I am lucky to find DRK on the internet, and I confidently chose Dr. Beer as my surgeon, for as I have seen in his works, it suits best on my condition and my style.

When I talked to him, he sounded very professional and that gave me full confident to do the double eyelid surgery with him.

**During my Double Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Beer at DRK OR facility**

My operation was very relaxing for Dr. Beer had assured me safety all throughout the procedure. Plus DRK facility is very clean and they are very strict with sterile technique, and the DRK medical staff were all assistive and professional in doing their job.

** 1 day after I had Double Eyelid Surgery**

The incision over the eyes are still red which is normal, but there is no bruises and no terrible swelling. I feel very fine! It is so amazing!

Dr. Beer made a height of 6-7 space for my double eyelid surgery. Let's see how it will be after the swelling will be totally fade away.

**5 days after my Double Eyelid surgery**

The swelling is starting to subside, almost not swollen at all. The good thing is I am so back to normal and I went out to have dinner with friends!

**10 days after my Double Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Beer**

Surprise! See guys! My eyes look so natural and lively! My friends say I look more lively and my eyes are like Korean now! I am very satisfied with the result!

In less thatn 2 weeks, everything is back to normal, but better looking!

Dr. Beer's technique for Bloodless operation really true! My recovery is very fast and easy!

**1 month after my Double Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Beer**

My longing to get the lovely dolly eyes has finally come to its reality. I no longer look tired and sleepy and I don't have to put makeup everyday and afraid it my ruin anytime of the day. My life now has become wonderful because of my surgeon Dr. Beer who made all this possible for me.

I thank Dr. Beer for making my dreams come true and make it easy for me to achieve it. And thanks to all DRK team for taking care of me before, during and after my operation.

I love you all guys! I will definitely come back for more beauty makeover!

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