Blepharoplasty made me look 10 years younger!

To see is to believe! Double Eyelid surgery or others call it Blepharoplasty, a type of eyelid surgery that enhances the upper eyelid crease thus shapes the eyes better! From drooping, tired-looking and old eyes to a more sophisticated look!

Being old is not easy, never was. Everything is deteriorating, health and physical aspect. One thing that would change in the looks would be the eyes. When we get older, it shows in the looks of our eyes. The eyes starts to droop, sagging, and makes us look old and tired. That is really one of the struggle of old people.

The same thing happened to my eyes, and these things are inevitable. Though this is normal, I wanted to defy it, defy aging as what they say. So I will give myself a little pamper, make me feel and look young again.

The way to do it is surgery, Blepharoplasty or Double Eyelid surgery as it will emphasis the upper eyelid and create a crease that will lift up the eyes.

I chose DRK among other plastic surgery centers here in Bangkok because DRK gives me the confident about the surgery. During my consultation, the doctor clearly explained to me the procedures and the expected outcome- which is very realistic.

The technique was to remove a small portion of the skin that cause my eyes to droop. The incision needs to be a full incision so that the extent of the crease will also cover the edge of the eyes where the drooping occurred.

I trusted the decision made by my doctor. With the right length and size of the skin to be removed, I can tell that it will surely make a difference on the shape of my eyes. Plus the doctor has thoroughly explained the reasons.

On the first day, I can see no problem on the incision wound. it is closed and no bleeding. Though since I am already old, the skin is very delicate and easy to get bruise. But the pain is bearable.

I can see bruises on my eyes, I asked the surgeon about this but he reassured me that this is a normal reaction of the body. I have to be extra careful and take my medicines. What’s important is, I wont get any infection or complication from the surgery.

After a week, the incision wound and the eyes are getting better by the day. I am feeling positive about this.

After 2 weeks, I can see the difference on my eyes! I am so happy and satisfied with the result!

I feel very young and beautiful!

You should come and give yourself a chance to look beautiful again! DRK can make your beauty dreams come true!


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