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Naturally beautiful Expressive Eyes through Double Eyelid Surgery at DRK!

Double Eyelid
Double Eyelid

Monolids or we sometimes call single eyelids is the most common insecurities for Asians. It is because this look make us look sleepy, tired, older than our age, puffy eyes, just-cried eyes and whatever other people call it.

That's why most girls put heavy makeup on the eyes just to give emphasis to it, making the single eyelid look double they even apply the adhesive sticker plastic that would bring the eyes a double eyelid look.

As a typical Asian look with no other breed to give me at least an upper crease, I have a huge problem about how my eyes look. Photo below shows a "boring" eyes, and this made me feel insecure. But I don't want to apply too much eyeliners or more temporary remedies for my eyes. I want something permanent. So I decided to undergo plastic surgery.

DRK is my only choice of preference since I already had a successful Lip Reshape Surgery (you can click on it to read my review) and I am very satisfied with the result. Now, another beauty makeover with them is another life changing and exciting event for me!


Double Eyelid

As expected the surgery went as planned. It was about an hour procedure, local anesthesia, no bleeding, no scar, no complication. I had a very securing and safe recovery, for only a week I am back to my normal routine and I can go out without worrying how I look.


Double Eyelid

I have once again achieved the look I dreamed of because of DRK. The Double Eyelid surgery gave a defined well crease that looks very natural as if I didn't have any surgery at all. Above all that I have gained confidence about myself and I fee happy.

Double Eyelid

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