Thigh Gap is real! Slender legs without workout!

It's not easy to keep a slender legs, especially for girls who have no time to go to the gym and workout. Attain and retain a slim legs must be an routine struggle for every women. But the technology is evolving, and now plastic surgery has innovated its course to removing unwanted fats in some parts of the body. DRK is using one of the most trusted and renowned machine for Liposuction. The Vaser Liposuction is reliable for not only removing the unwanted fats but also has an RF mode to leave the skin firm and tighten after the liposuction procedure. Also no dimpling effect on the skin, or what we sometimes call "cellulites".

As a lady, we always have that desire to look slender. The firmness and tightness of our body is one of the things where we get our confidence from. But in my case, no matter how hard I try to exercise and have enough diet, its been more than a year and I still have this unwanted thigh fats. When I where shorts of pants, this portion is an insult to me, an embarrassment to my figure. Because in fact, I'm not really that fat at all. Just this part is very difficult to remove.


When I walk, this portion touches each other and leaves a blister to me. It's not just that it looks ugly but it also feels uncomfortable and painful for my daily activities.

Even if I separate my legs, the bulging fats are not easy to hide. It is very visible and obvious. Thats' why I told myself that I will not wait another day of suffering. My last option is to go under the knife.

Thailand is one of the top plastic surgery hub in the world, and that's why there are so many plastic surgery clinics and surgeons to do the particular procedure but not all can guarantee the result you desired. It's not because it is not achievable but because they can't make it possible.

The first best thing that ever happened to my transformation is the day I found DRK. DRK gives me the the only hope I have been looking for for so long. And when my consultation goes smoothly, I saw the potential that I will have the outcome I want. DRK presented me what Vaser Liposuction can do and how much fat it can remove, and it didn't stop there, it can also firm and tighten the skin as the fat leaves my legs.

After the operation for almost 2 hours, I was advised to wear support garter shorts to help reduce the swelling faster. There were no visible scars on my thighs. The incisions were very small it healed very fast and faded fairly to my skin color. After a week of recovery, I can go back to my normal routine, shopping, work at the office and everything else.

I am very confident wearing shorts and pants now because my thighs are not tight to my legs. I also have the "thigh-gap" like most models have now.

Not that my legs got slender, but I have no sagging loose skin. It just got firmer and tighter. Moreover, no cellulites! This is super more than what I wished for!

I am confident now to wear the clothes that I've been keeping inside my closet for so long. I thought I'd never had the chance to use them, but now I can't believe I'm wearing them suitably.

Thanks to DRK. They did not only give me the slender slim legs, but also the confidence and the happy heart. Now I have more hope in achieving the beauty that I dream of because DRK is there to make it happen for me.

I will surely come back for more beauty makeover! See you again soon!


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