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New Face, New Life! Vshape Face gives balance to my face!

Chin Augmentation is a face-changer! It definitely gives an outstanding balance to the lower part of the face. With chin prominence, the whole face can achieve the Gold Balance Ratio contour thus giving a perfect facial contour!

Short chin can make the face look weak and round. Today, the new trend for beauty is the VSHAPE face that is first popular in Korea and every woman in Asia love this new look! It make the face look friendly and cute. I want to achieve this new trend beauty(Vshape) and one way to achieve it is by Chin augmentation surgery.


DRK (Beauty CLinic) is one of the top outstanding plastic surgery in Thailand. They have good reputation and feed back from patients here and surrounding countries, even celebrities choose them for extravagant beauty makeovers.

DRK's Chin augmentation surgery uses a silicone that is made in the USA with various types of sizes and shapes that suits perfectly to any facial structure. Not only that, they will customize it to fit perfectly as it personalized to the patient's preference to look natural for them. Plus the titanium screw that will secure the implant in place permanently.

***3 DAYS After Chin Augmentation surgery***

The incision wound is inside the mouth behind the chin. This technique will have a good access to the chin and can place the implant visibly, moreover there will be no scar outside so it would look natural as if I didn't do any plastic surgery at all!

5 days after chin augmentation, I can practically go out and do shopping and dining with friends. They told me that I look differently beautiful because of my prominent chin. The Vshape comes out when the swelling completely subsides.

7 days and 10 days after chin augmentation surgery, everything's getting better and better. As the swelling fades slowly, I can see the changes made on my chin. The Vshape face is appearing and I love the new contour of my face!

2 weeks after the chin augmentation, I have achieved the Korean beauty VSHAPE face. Chin augmentation at DRK is indeed the an outstanding plastic surgery procedure. I have recovered from a very safe procedure and that brought me to fast recovery. No complication nor infection occurred. All I have ever experienced was a relaxing and easing recovery period. More to that, my dream beauty the VSHAPE face has come true!

I will be forever grateful to DRK for this marvelous beauty makeover that has really changed my life! Thank you for your great assistance and high standard service!

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