Breast Augmentation to regain full-blown woman confidence!

Why women have to change how they look, their physical form? It is because in the outside presentation of a woman tells how she manage her life, love, career, family and all aspects. The physical form of a woman tells how she loves herself. And that's why taking care of our image is very important.

I was very very very FAT before, I grew up having hundreds of pounds. And it wasn't much fun to be fat, that's why I worked so hard to lose weight. All the hardships paid off by achieving the body weight that is required for my body mass index. But there's a DOWNSIDE----- as I lose weight, I also lose my breast. :( Yes my breast size, small flat chested skinny girl, that's what I became.



All the breast tissues have gone from losing so much weight! And not just that, my breasts are hanging too! They sadly droop down to my diaphragm, and it looks like I already have babies. This case maybe normal to mothers but not to maidens. Having a small breast is one thing but with hanging/drooping breast is another story.

The only good thing is that I have DRK to correct the droopiness of my breasts and add volume to it. They use MENTOR silicone that is made in the USA trusted by many well-experienced doctors. It has various sizes and shapes that can suitably fit different body figures.

***Measuring my breast for the Breast Augmentation surgery***

DRK as their Standard Operating Procedure they will send the patient to one of their JCI accredited affiliations for major surgeries. Using general anesthesia, and complete operating room facilities and personnel to monitor my vital signs and health status during the operation. This method is very securing, I was comfortable and confident that I will be perfectly fine during the operation and after.

***In the Operating Room right AFTER Breast Augmentation Surgery***

Marvelous! The operation was a success! The 14 PP Standard was implemented and no bleeding no complications whatsoever occurred. After the operation they sent me to the recovery room to stabilized my condition then after sent me to my private room! I was treated like a VIP patient!

Everything was pretty much normal the following day. My intake is normal and as well as my output. The breasts are swollen as expected and it will last for a couple of weeks but I the medicines prescribe will help me with my recovery without pain and complications.

I rested for a week but I can still go shopping, although going to the gym for crossfit is definitely a no no. I can start slow running when the swelling subsides.

I can wear plunging clothes and sexy chest revealing dresses with CONFIDENCE now! My friends tell me that I look incredibly beautiful and sexy! I feel very happy to get compliments from people because it's an evidence and affirmation of my effort of achieving the body that I love.

In just 10 days after surgery, I am back to normal. I can do my normal routine without inconvenience and hassle on my part. I am still swollen but I feel pain no longer.

My advice to ladies out there- "reach for it" whatever makes you happy, do something about it. My story, from ugly duckling fat girl to confident elegant woman. I transformed gracefully with a WOW FACTOR!

Everything that has happened to me is because of DRK. My surgeon and the medical personnel gave me the best service and care I could ever receive in my life. The result of the breast augmentation surgery brought life to me. My breasts feel very natural, they are soft and bouncy life a real breast. All possible because of DRK. I will surely come back for beauty maintenance!



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