A weak chin is forever an enemy of masculinity- Improve chin prominence through Chin Augmentation.

The gym can't help you to get a stronger chin, it's either you have it or not. Weak chin does not project a manhood or masculinity. The weaker chin you have, the lesser confident you get. Chin augmentation is one of the best option to enhance the prominence of the chin and achieve a balance facial structure for stronger appealing men.

There are various ways in enhancing the prominence of the chin, some doctors would advice to get a filler injection, under the chin liposuction (to give emphasis to the chin) but DRK gave me the best advice, to have a silicone implant with titanium screw to secure the the implant in place permanently.


With short chin, my face look round and unbalanced. I don't feel comfortable on photographs especially when it gets on my side angle. It's hard for me to look manly confident if I stick with my weak chin.

***in the waiting area before chin augmentation***

DRK medical personnel (nurses and assistants) helped me get prepared prior chin augmentation surgery. Assisted me to suit up with clean operating suit, and disinfect my face and mouth. The operating area is very clean with cutting-edge technologies.

***immediately after chin augmentation***

Whew! that was fast! really incredible it didn't give me any discomfort at all! The local anesthesia works very well! The facial garment is advised to wear for day-long 3 days and 2 weeks straight at night to help reduce swelling faster. I also have to clean my mouth with mouthwash for 3 days until the incision wound is healed. Also avoid hot and spicy food and beverages not to irritate the incision wound.

***5 days after chin augmentation***

Look! NO BRUISES! This is really amazing! I can go out without wearing the compressive garment over my face because there is no sign of surgery on my face. I look very normal, and most importantly I can go back to my normal routine.

***1 week after chin augmentation***

Notice how my chin is now emphasized. The size of my implant is large but DRK surgeon customized it and shaped it to fit perfectly to my facial structure. I have to wait until the swelling is completely gone to see the final result.

I recovered in just 1 week! My workmates and friends say that I look different and they can see a strong manly projection on my face. My confidence is starting to build up because of chin augmentation.

DRK has given me the perfect shape for chin enhancement. The shape, the size, the projection and the placement is suited to my facial structure. I have hoped for this masculine look for a very long time and now I have it. The dream has come into reality because DRK made it happen.

All credits to DRK surgeon and team for such incredible and awesome work. I am more than 100% satisfied with the result. I highly recommend DRK for physical makeovers to achieve the look you longingly desire.


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