VLINE Contour Korean Style Facial Structure by DRK

V-Line Contour program by DRK composes of jaw reduction, chin shaving and cheekbone reduction. V-line is a popular facial structure for Asians nowadays, it is a beauty trend initiated by Koreans and now in the mainstream most favorite feature for Asians, both women and men.

Hi everyone, welcome to an extraordinary method of plastic surgery. This kind of plastic surgery is not the typical kind of plastic surgery that changes one or two features of the face and gets back to normal routine right away. If you decide to change your facial bone structure you need to prepare for a bigger picture of plastic surgery.


Yes, a major surgery that requires general anesthesia and an admission to the hospital for a night, also prepare for a longer recovery period. So my story begins when I realized that my facial structure is not balance. Meaning my jawline, my cheekbone and chin are out of proportion. They are wide and big and protruding, not attractive for me.

I desire to have the feature of a popular KPOP star that is famous here in Thailand, and I would like to achieve that kind of self confidence that he has with his attractive face. So I decided to go under plastic surgery to achieve my dream.

I found DRK by recommendation from my celebrity colleagues, they had surgery at DRK and they are very happy and satisfied with the results. So without a doubt, I went to DRK for a consultation. The doctor explained to me thoroughly the procedures that we will do and what will be my post operating care. He made sure that I fully understood the procedures and endeavors.

The first step is CT SCAN then the my actual facial bone model for a basis for my jaw surgery. After that a 4D scanning in the internet for SIMULATION and give me a better and dynamic view and option to what my outcome will be.

I love how DRK innovated with their techniques in rendering high quality services. This makes me very confident to do the jaw surgery with them. I am very certain that they will give me the result I wanted the safest way can be.

The preparation prior surgery took 2 weeks, for the CT SCAN and actual facial bone structure. It was faster than expected! I am very excited to have my jaw surgery!!


Look at that wide jaw line, the cheekbone are too broad and the chin is too squared. The facial structure are really not proportion in total, I look odd and it gives no balance to the whole face.

HOLY!!! LOOK AT THAT!!! The chin was cut and shaved and the jawbone was also cut to achieve a V-Line outcome. The chin is reconnected with a titanium screw that is very strong and secured permanently.

The was admitted one night at Samitivej hospital, a JCI accredited hospital. I feel very comfortable and secured with the close monitoring system they have. The nurses always check up on me to see my conditions and vitals.

Obviously, my face is swollen and probably gonna bruise but I don't fear anything. I am confident that DRK surgeon did his very best to give me the safe and best result. At this point, I have to wear the bandages for maybe up to 3 days and apply ice packs to help reduce swelling faster.

After 3 days of Jaw surgery VLine contour program, I had a follow up at DRK. My face is still swollen as expected. My doctor said I have to wait for a few weeks to see it subside. I have to continue wearing the face compressive garment and apply ice pack.

It's nice to see that the bruises are almost gone. The swelling is still present but the pain is less now. I have to eat soft food so it wont hurt my jaws when chewing.

On its 1st week after Jaw surgery I feel better and better. I thought my face would look terrible like a zombie, but surprisingly it was mild and bearable.

I can go out and do some outdoor stuff but I have to cover my mouth because first to protect it from the harmful molecules such as bacteria and also because I feel a bit tender on that area. The rest is good.

In just 2 weeks my face has almost attain the full recovery. There's no obvious and terrible swelling and bruises! I can closely see the outcome I've been waiting for!

The CT Scan shows the chin are, how it was moved forward so that I will have a good chin prominence thought it was shaved to get a VLINE contour. The screws are securely holding my chin together.

I feel like a KPOP star now! my friends are calling me JUNGKOOK from my favorite KPOP BTS. hahahha DREAM COME TRUE guys!!!

After a month from my jaw surgery Vline contour, my face is so much better. Although the doctor said it will take up to 3 months to see that the swelling has totally gone. This is amazing result for me already!

I had a breakthrough at my career after my jaw surgery Vline contour. I am happy and satisfied with the outcome I have from DRK. I love how my face changed, it gives me the look that I wanted. The VLINE like KOREAN STYLE beauty trend. NOW I HAVE ACHIEVED THE KOREAN LOOK I HAVE BEEN DREAMING OF.

Thank you so much DRK for making my dream come true! I am forever grateful to your great work and for this I owe you my confidence. Thank you thank you thank you.

To everyone, if you wish to achieve your desired beauty and look, DRK will surely make your dreams come true.

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