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From dull straight lips to tempting heart-shaped one!

lip reshape

Lips reshape surgery creates lips that would turn your look from boring to attractive one!

Some people might have thought that men shouldn't be too conscious about how they look, or if they do, very less would go for the lips. I completely understand the impression, but for me I have this deep insecurities about how my lips are shaped.

But if one could open up to the idea and check it up on the internet, there are lots of guys doing lips reshape to enhance their look in total. My insecurity about my lips got me desperate to look over on ways to change it. I don't want to enhance it by fullness of volume, a man with thick lips don't match. So filler injection won't work for the change I desire.

***BEFORE photos***

lip reshape

lip reshape

lip reshape

The best way to address my concern is by plastic surgery, where it is permanent with natural result. It took me a while to find the best clinic and surgeon to do my planned surgery. As you all know, Thailand is one of the top most plastic surgery hub in the world, meaning it's a pool of clinics and surgeons in the country and somehow it makes it more difficult to figure out which one is the best.

My only way to look up is through internet, until one day my favorite actor posted his review about DRK on how incredible his plastic surgery result is. I saw the changes happened to him and it is marvelous. I got very curious about his surgeon and the clinic he went to, and so I checked on DRK for more reviews and before and after results.

It didn't take time for me to decide to have the lip reshape surgery with DRK. when I talked to the surgeon he explained to me how he will create a shape that will enhance my dull straight lips. The upper lip will be carved like on the lower part by excising a portion of the skin of the lip then stitch it accordingly.

***1 DAY AFTER Lip Reshape Surgery***

lip reshape

The operation took place in DRK Operating Room, they have a clean environment and sterile OR equipments. I felt very safe and secured the whole operation. The nurses and other medical staff took care of me and monitored my vitals closely, making sure that I am stabilized.

It took less than an hour to finish the procedure, the doctor is very skillful while performing the lip reshape surgery. After injecting the local anesthesia, I didn't feel any pain instead it was very at comfortable and painless surgery.

***3DAYS AFTER Lip Reshape Surgery***

lip reshape

lip reshape

My upper lip is a bit swollen, but luckily no terrible bruises nor bleeding. The remedy for the swelling is ice packs for 48 hrs. And for 3 days, I am advised to use mouth wash to clean my teeth, using toothbrush might cause irritation to the incision wound.

***7 DAYS AFTER Lips Reshape Surgery***

lip reshape

Incredible result! I am very satisfied with the shape of my lips. Before, I had a thick and full straight lips, but now the upper lip curved like a heart gives my lips a kissable look.

The swelling has totally subside, and the incision wound left no visible scar. It looks like I never had any surgery at all! Amazing right?!


lip reshape

The changes on my lips gave me more confidence about myself. I have achieved the look that I've been wanted and my ego has been boosted. My family and friends are happy to see the good result of my lips. I had no complications, no infections and no scar! Most of all, the outcome is very natural!


lip reshape

I would like to thank DRK for helping me achieve this look and giving me this wonderful feeling, confident and happy. It really feels great to be someone you want to be.

So to all the guys out there, be tough to face plastic surgery and reach the look you desire for yourself.

With all my heart, I recommend DRK. They will surely give you expected yet magical result.

Also, thanks to all DRK staff for taking care of me and making my recovery very easy and comfortable. See you guys soon!

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