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Korean Face COMBO Surgery, Double Eyelid and Buccal Fat Removal by Dr. Kolawach


Achieving a “Korean Face” with only TWO surgeries at DRK!

Aloha gorgeous ladies! For Thai people, some of you might have seen me on TV.

Yes, I’m an actress here in Thailand and it’s not really surprising for another celebrity to go under plastic

surgery to look beautiful. Plastic surgery is not a cheat on beauty but an enhancement of it. And the aim

is not only to look beautiful but to feel confident about yourself and that will definitely make you feel

really happy.


My concerns on my face most as of now are my chubby round cheeks and my monolid eyes.


My round face makes me look fat, and I don’t like it. I wanna look like Korean girl, cute and

Vshape face. My friends always pinch my cheeks because it was so flabby and chubby. It

irritates me whenever I look at the mirror.

Also, the expressions of my eyes are boring and I look tired all the time because I don’t

have the double eyelid that brings brightness to the eyes.



I asked my friends who did plastic surgery, and they brought me to their surgeons but

none of it interests me.

I saw in some other clinics, they had complications after the surgery, the eyes were not the

same crease height and the slim face program, they offered me major surgeries that I’m

not really comfortable having.

Until, I have a friend from the entertainment industry, she’s also an actress and did plastic

surgery with DRK. She also had a buccal fat removal, and the result is very stunning! She

achieved the slim cheeks and she looks very Korean!

So I asked her to bring me to DRK, and I had a consultation with Dr. Kolawach. He carefully

explained to me the procedure that will be done to achieve the natural double eyelid and

for my chubby cheeks, he will do buccal fat removal.

For my eyes, he will increase the height of my natural crease to create a defined upper

eyelid. And as for my buccal fat removal surgery, the incision will be inside the cheeks so

there will be no scar or wound visible.


Just finished my double eyelid and buccal fat removal surgery with Dr. Kolawach.

The operation was a success, no bleeding, no pain and no discomforts during my procedures.

Here are the sneak peek to my buccal fat removal. You see, no bleeding, not scary and very safe





The incision is very small and stitches are little. It does not bleed inside too, because Dr.

Kolawach has this magnificent technique for BLOODLESS procedure.

The buccal fat pad that was removed from my cheeks was a lot! I was so happy to see that

finally the one that’s causing my face to appear round is finally gone.



I’m at the recovery room, the nurse wrapped my head with a bandage with ice pack. They

let me rest until I feel fine to go back home.

**3rd day after I had my DOUBLE EYELID and BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL surgery with Dr. Kolawach**

This will be last day wearing this face garment. My eyes are pretty much swollen at this

time. But I’m just at home, resting. Although I can do stuff pretty normally.


**7th day after operation**

I went to DRK for follow up for my eyes and cheeks.

I am relieved to know that everything is fine. I just have to wait until the swelling subsides.


I can see the crease of my eyes, I like the height of it. Happy to see that the incision wound is already closed.


I have to wear eyeglasses to somehow cover the incision, and also protect my eyes from dusty particles.

In just a week, I am back to doing my normal routines. I went out to see my friends and have dinner.

1 month after my double eyelid and buccal fat removal surgery.

I am very happy with the result!

It was a successful operation! My eyes have natural and more defined crease and my

cheeks are slim!

I am very thankful to have Dr. Kolawach for making me beautiful and keeping me safe from any

complications and problems!

DRK Staffs are really nice for taking care of me and treating me like VIP. They are very professionals and

good quality service. I really feel happy to be here.

I feel confident and satisfied with my charming lovely eyes. I have now a defined crease

and I don’t look tired and sleepy anymore. They aren’t boring, but now expressive and


My cheeks are not fat and chubby, and my friends don’t pinch my cheeks, they now caress it.

I love my new look now, and my manager is very happy to see the changes in me. I did not

only become beautiful but also positive vibe all the way.

I am very proud of my BEAUTY MAKER. Dr. Kolawach. He is indeed a world class surgeon!

His techniques and skills for plastic surgery and in my experience the double eyelid

surgery and buccal fat removal surgery are outstanding!

Perfect result, with 100% satisfaction!

Guys, you come and have a consultation with Dr. Kolawach about your beauty concerns! If

you wanna look different and gorgeous, here is your chance to change your life!

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