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Men's Style Double Eyelid Surgery by Dr. Kolawach

Male Double Eyelid Surgery with Special technique to define and form to a real gentleman’s look.

It was a great experience having to change my upper eyelids with DRK under Dr. Kolawach’s supervision. I do feel the will and need to share this magnificent transformation, and credit all of it to Dr. Kolawach and the whole DRK team.

**Before I had Double Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Kolawach**

I feel old with my droopy eyes, makes me look tired and sleepy all the time. These are one of the most common complains of people who has narrow eyelids.

I want to look strong like an active masculine guy. I want to change the impression people give to me. I am sick of getting teased because of my eyes. And since I am a man, I cannot put some tricks to my eyes like most girls do with makeups and cosmetics.

The only way to solve this problem is surgery. The only question is what clinic and who’s gonna be the doctor. I want it to be perfect, because I am not looking for any revision in the future.

Searching online, I ran across a lot of clinics and hospitals. Called them and had a consultation, but nothing seems fit my expectation. Until one day, I saw DRK. Looked over their website and facebook, I saw a lot of patients with successful result and was very happy with it. Known celebrities in the country have also done many surgeries with them.

I chose Dr. Kolawach as my doctor and during my consultation with him, I clearly understood the complete procedure and my recovery process as well as most importantly realistic result.

Time to get plenty of rest before my operation!

I was advised to prepare myself physically and mentally before the operation. Some instructions are:

Ø Make sure you inform your doctor about your health condition and if you have any allergies from any particular group of medicines

Ø You may also indicate if you are taking supplements containing vitamin E or substances with fish oil. You will be advised to stop taking them at least a week before your surgery.

Ø No Aspirin, ibuprofen or such medicines at least 2 days before the surgery.

Ø Stop smoking and drinking any alcohol beverages 2 weeks before the surgery.

I can’t wait to have my double eyelid surgery done!

**1st day after my double eyelid surgery**

It is still swollen, and kinda looks red, but I don’t feel any pain. I was advised to apply cold packs and take my medicines as prescribed.

** on the 2nd day after my double eyelid surgery**

Today, I have to go back to work. My upper eyelids are still swollen and reddish but I feel ok to work.

**on the 3rd day after my double eyelid surgery**

So much improvement on my eyes on its third day, I was very happy to see how fast I healed. Now I am near to looking normal and handsome!

** 5th day after my double eyelid surgery**

Everything is back to normal now! Imagine how fast my recovery period is! Within a week, I am normal but better looking! hahahaha

**7th day after my double eyelid surgery**

Exactly one week from my surgery day! And today I will have my follow up with Dr. Kolawach. I am so excited to let them see how impressive I look now!

**my follow up photo taken at DRK center on its 7th day result from the surgery**

Now, I don’t get teased anymore, instead I get compliments from my officemates and friends. They said I look more masculine and handsome and active!

I am lucky discover DRK, and choose Dr. Kolawach as my double eyelid surgeon. I couldn’t expect for more. This is the best result I could get, natural and safe outcome.

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