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Sexy Slim Cheeks through Buccal Fat Removal by Dr. Kolawach

Achieve Endless Beauty and Feel Sexy from inside and out.

Buccal Fat Removal for V-Shape Face Program, safest procedure, natural and permanent result! [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

Hi everyone, I'm Mail. For those who would like to defy aging, my story might help you understand some tips on cheating how old you are.

Today's trending for beauty is Vshape, you might think it's irrelevant to do the buccal fat removal but it is not.

Saggy and big face makes me look old and boring, I see a lot on the internet how V-shape can look sexy and attractive. Removing the buccal fat pad will get rid of the saggy face that makes me look old, and also the achieving the VShape face will make me look younger like 20s.

**Before Buccal Fat Removal**

As you can notice, my face is boring and those chubby cheeks gives my face a sad look. That's why I've decided to have a Vshape face.

As a newscaster and reporter I have to look beautiful and young in camera. I need to attract viewers while I speak and deliver my speech and news. Changing something in appearance will definitely help me boost my career.

As I did my painstaking research on the internet, I chose Dr. Kolawach for I have compared his achievements and experience with other doctors, he has the best work result. Especially the feedback that the patients give to him. When I see the results, I saw how the patient's life change, and that's exactly I want to achieve.

During my consultation with Dr. Kolawach, he clearly and thoroughly explained how the procedure would be. Once the buccal fat pad is removed, it will not come back but I have to maintain my weight to see the maximum result which will take place in 3 months.

**During Buccal Fat Removal**

As expected, the operation was remarkably comfortable. I didn't feel any discomfort or pain at all, Dr. Kolawach hands were gentle, he made sure that it I will be relax during the operation. It was BLOODLESS procedure which will lead to harmless operation and no terrible reaction after the surgery. Dr. Kolawach removed the buccal fat pad accurately. I am confident that it will obtain the result that he promised me.

**1 day after Buccal Fat Removal**

I need to wear this compressive garment on my face for 3 straight days the whole day and continuously wear it at night for 2-3 weeks to make the face firm. Also I was advised to apply cold packs on my cheeks and chew ice cubes to help reduce swollen faster.

I am relieved to see no terrible bruises and swelling on my face, moreover there's not much pain. The bloodless technique really works!

**1 week after Buccal Fat Removal** Excellent result in just one week! I can see the difference right away! Plus at this moment, I am totally healed and no more downtime! I can go out and eat any food I want! Hot and spicy food is no longer forbidden!

After a week of recovery, I went back to work. All my workmates and production crew said that I look so different in camera! I look younger and more stunning! I am very happy with their compliments and makes me feel confident inside.

How lucky I am to have found DRK and trust Dr. Kolawach as my BEAUTY MAKER.

I have gained the confidence that I needed for myself and for the career I so love. Now, as I go to work and present myself on TV, I feel great for I know that the confidence in me shows the way I convey my reports.

People say I look younger than my age, and deep inside I know that it is true. I have defy aging process through Vshape Program, only with Dr. Kolawach.

I am forever thankful for helping me make my dreams come true, now I will maintain feeling and looking young with DRK.

I believe that making yourself beautiful will reflect your everyday mood. So I encourage you all to come to DRK and trust them as your Beauty Maker.

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