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Dr. Kolawach is chosen by Abbsab TV program in Thailand to talk about his incredible technique in doing rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Dr. Kolawach is one of the famous surgeons in the country who is chosen by most celebrities to make them look even more beautiful.

Plastic surgery here in Thailand are growing every year, and one of the most common procedure are rhinoplasty and breast augmentaiton. VJ Bird did his REVISION rhinoplasty with Dr. Kolawach, after then he was very thankful to him and invited Dr. Kolawach to do an interview for his show.

VJ Bird together with Thailand celebrities Ms. Tifanny and Ms. Mimosa.

In this interview, they ask Dr. Kolawach about the best rhinoplasty or nose implant design for them. Doctor thoroughly explains that each individual will be unique from the other. The customized implant will be designed according to the patient's facial structure. That will create a natural look for them.

Second topic is about the breast augmentation. Ms. Tifanny and Ms. Mimosa are all ears about this topic. They need to understand how the procedure is being done and how to take care of the silicon after the surgery. The importance of choosing the implant's quality and the positioning of the implant inside the breast. Keeping the implant in place and making it soft to touch are the points they learn from Dr. Kolawach.

And of course, Doctor trust Mentor Silicon from USA only. As he knows that the quality of this silicon is the best among the rest.

Watch this video as VJ Bird shares his experience when Dr. Kolawach treated his rhinoplasty infection from nose job with other doctor. VJ Bird had an implant protrusion due to too much size and that also infected his nose. Thanks to Dr. Kolawach who is an expert and got his nose treated.

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