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Chin Augmentation for Vshape using implant from USA

Chin prominence will give the face the perfect balance and VSHAPE look. Chin Augmentation at DRK uses silicone implant from the USA, available for customization and fitting for the patient's unique style and facial structure. This silicone material has the highest quality that will last a lifetime.

Hello everyone, I'm Emmy. I'm here to share with you my experience in having chin augmentation done at DRK with Dr. Aui.

The reason that I wanted to have chin augmentation, because my chin is short and square in shape, making my face unbalanced. Short chin makes the lower jaw and neck area look fat when pressed and so I look like I have a double chin whenever I look down.

Square chin on the other hand makes my face look round and more like a chisel like a man.

Look the two photos below, those are taken before I had Chin augmentation.

My insecurities about myself has brought me to plastic surgery. As I did my research, I found out that there could be a lot of ways to do the chin augmentation procedure, filler, fat graft and silicone implant.

I talked to a lot of doctors and Dr. Aui's explanation was the best of all.

DRK has the best team of doctors and all has good reputation and outstanding background.

Dr. Pui's advice was to do silicone insertion for chin augmentation with screw to secure the implant in place and wont disposition in any circumstances.

This is me the following day after my chin augmentation with Dr. Aui.

The incision is inside the mouth so there are no scar outside.

My chin is still swollen but I'm glad I have no terrible bruises, and the pain is bearable.

My operation with Dr. Aui was the best, she made me feel very comfortable and safe in her hands. I love how she took care of me and give me the assurance that I need.

3 days after

I had a follow up check at DRK and the medical personnel had removed the bandage on my chin. I am surprised to see the changes on my face and how fast I recover. Now I'm back to my normal routine and I can go out and meet my friends.

These photos are from before, 1 day, 3 days and 2 weeks after my chin augmentation surgery done by Dr. Aui.

I am very satisfied with the result, my face looks different now and my confidence has grow fairly.

My friends say I look wonderful, and I do feel wonderful.

My face become V in shape and look slimmer than usual.. I feel sexy with the new contour of my face.

I would really recommend DRK for beauty makeover, you will not regret it.

Everything about them is high quality standard, from services, to facilities to doctors and everything else.

The result I have given me a new life and a positive vibe everyday. The recovery is safe and no complications, the after care of the staff is very helpful and accommodating...

Most of all I thank my beauty maker Dr. Aui for making me beautiful and helping me gain confidence by it, and to the whole DRK team for being there all step of the way.

I will keep you updated guys!

Thank you for reading ^^

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