Rhinoplasty and Buccal Fat Removal makeover by Dr. Kolawach

Hi guys, I'm Poupay from The WOW Laos

I'm here to reveal my beauty transformation makeover by changing the shape of my nose and have a VSHAPED face.

My dream of becoming a star came true through the magic hands of Dr. Kolawach Laochaisri.

I was born to have ordinary face, typical Asian facial structure that has a short and flat nasal bridge and chubby cheeks.

I grew up having troubles of people mocking me about my flat nose and fat cheeks, although I am not showing it, sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable and inferior around them. These had somehow reduced my self confidence.

Until one day, I saw one of my celebrity idols and she had surgery with Dr. Kolawach.

I joined a beauty show at Laos and was the winner on SEASON !

This time, I already had my rhinoplasty and buccal fat removal.

TV hosts at The Wow Laos came with me to DRK to have an interview and to feature DRK at Laos TV Channel.

Together with me are Dr. Kolawach, my surgeon and Dr. Pui, my dermatologist.

We had so much fun doing the film ^^

I am so proud of my Beauty Makers.

** This is me before I had rhinoplasty and buccat fat removal with Dr. Kolawach**

Observe the shape of my nose, short, flat and wide. My close friends call me piggy. And that is very annoying. Although I still love them of course, just that I know for sure other people look at me the same but they can’t say it to my face.

And the chubby cheeks, I don’t feel comfortable with the circle wide face, I wanna look sexy with a sexy slim face. And today’s trending ideal face is Vshape like Koreans have.

All of these concerns are well understood by Dr. Kolawach, and so we cannot wait to make this face beautiful like a superstar!

Dr. Kolawach explained to me thorougly the procedure and technique he will do for my new nose.

To create a unique and balanced facial structure he will customize my silicone implant with enough height, longer and a slight S Curve to give me a softer look.

And as for my buccal fat removal, extracting my buccal fat pad to make the face slimmer. The incision will be inside the cheeks leaving me no visible scar outside.

During my operation, I never felt nervous but rather excited. The most amazing part is the calmness inside the room. Dr. Kolawach made sure that I am 100% comfortable and secured all the time.

DRK facility is like the one in the hospital, including the medical personnel, they are all professional in caring and rendering service.

My buccal fat pad being removed.

Happy to see that doctor got a lot of my fat, means, hello Vshape face and sexy look!

** immediately after my rhinoplasty and buccal fat removal surgery**

Look at that face, very happy! Hahaha

After the operation, they took me to the recovery room to rest and make sure I am stable before going back home.

Applying icepack over and surround the operated area to help reduce the swelling faster.

The DRK’s signature BLOODLESS technique is really impressive. No terrible swelling, bruises and bleeding.

**1 week before and after comparison after my rhinoplasty and buccal fat removal surgery done by DRK**

I am very satisfied with the result I have now.

Recovering in just a week is really impressive.

I can see the changes happened in my look. Although I have to wait until my cheeks will totally reached its maximum result, approximately 3mos after the surgery.

My confidence about myself has boosted after my rhinoplasty and buccal fat removal surgery.

I have achieved the look that I have been dreaming of for so long, and that’s because of my Ultimate Beauty Maker, Dr. Kolawach.

The dimension of my nose gives me a gold balance facial ratio and the slim feature of my face changes my style.

My new beautiful look changed my life and I won the reality beauty show, The WOW Laos.

And after that I got a lot of offers for modeling and TV appearance.

**BEFORE and AFTER comparison**

I will always and forever be thankful to my Beauty Maker, DRK for making my dream come true. Changing my face and boosting my confidence has been the happiest moment in my life so far.

More beauty revelation at my personal IG: poupay_ldv

See you soon guys! ^^

#rhinoplasty #buccalfatremoval #vshape

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