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Male Revision Rhinoplasty by Dr. Kolawach

Hello, today I gave my review about rhinoplasty, since I've done it 3 times before. And every time I do revision I get a new problem like short tip, deviate or penetrate. Therefore I decided to change the clinic even though the previous clinic did it to me for free, because it was very painful and unbearable.

Every time I do revision I am expecting that it will have better result than the previous one. That's why when I decided to do nose job, it will be for the last time. I have to make sure that it will be the best doctor for rhinoplasty. I said to myself, money wont be the issue or how famous the clinic would be, it must be the right doctor. A professional who can understand my case and an expert to visualized the design I wanted and what would look best for my facial structure. To give me all the possibilities of the outcome and complete information about how would it be after.

Since my whole career evolves in front of the camera other than meeting press and as well as my fans- I have to look good all the time. As my previous nose job design wasn't good for me, my film director advised me to get a revision rhinoplasty, otherwise I will not get the role in the big movie as the leading actor. That's when I realized that my nose wasn't just a personal problem but it also affects my career. I took it very seriously, I started asking my friends and coactors - the I got a most highly recommended -the DRK. Of course, I did my research first before actually going there. Then I saw Dr. Kolawach's credentials and I instantly felt confident with him, he's reliable as tested and proven not only the celebrities in Thailand but celebrities around the world as well. Moreover, I have read that he studied in Mahidol University known as the best medical school in the country and graduated as first honor of his class.

When I met Dr. Kolawach, I felt so at ease and comfortable. He explained to me everything I wished to know and gave me the exact knowledge about my chosen operation. In that, I felt confident enough to do my last nose revision.

Now, I finally got the result I want and dreamed of. I am relieved and happy with how I look right now. Thank you so much Dr. Kolawach for making me look handsome and for all DRK Team for assisting me throughout the whole process and making it easy for me with my recovery.

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