Beauty Balance for Perfect Face Contour through Chin Augmentation

Chin prominence is one of the major key to enhance Vshape face and achieve a gold facial balance.

guys, it’s me again Nok. If you haven’t checked my previous review about doing buccal fat removal with Dr. Kolawach here’s the link

** before I had chin augmentation surgery**

As you can see, after the buccal fat removal my face got slimmer but my face looks short and still unbalanced. I went back to DRK and this time talked to Dr. Beer.

As Dr. Beer explained to me that if I would like to achieve a Vshaped face and slimmer look, the best procedure to be done is chin augmentation.

I asked him about the procedure, and understood it is pretty much very easy.

Chin augmentation is a minor operation that only requires local anesthesia and I can do it in the clinic and can go back home the same day. Also the chin implant is from the USA which is the best material that is tested and proven by many surgeons around the world. Also Dr. Beer will secure the implant by “SCREW”, meaning a screw will be added to my chin implant and secure it to the bones so that whenever I have extreme activities, the silicone will remain in position.

**the following day after my Chin augmentation surgery**

I went to work the following day, because I feel fine. I’m not shy to wear compressive garment on my face because anyway people at work know I did surgery. Actually there’s no downtime to it, just that I cannot eat hard solid food and hot and spicy ones to avoid irritation to the chin area as the incision is still sensitive. So 3 days of wearing facial garment and soft food.

**3rd day after my chin augmentation**

So the facial compressive garment is now removed. I had less swelling and also less bruises, but no more pain.

** 5th day after my chin augmentation surgery with Dr. Beer**

I feel so much better now! Everything is improving! I can start to see the result!

My parents are happy to see that I am perfectly fine during and after the surgery! They are all amazed with Dr. Beer’s work!

**1 week after my chin augmentation surgery**

People at work say I look so different. They are all fascinated with the result I got after the chin augmentation.

**2 wks after my chin augmentation surgery**

**3 weeks after my chin augmentation surgery with Dr. Beer**

You would never believe how magnificently I transformed in just two plastic surgeries. First the buccal fat removal that removes my chubby cheeks and now the chin augmentation to add prominence and balance to the whole face.

Now I have achieved Vshaped that I always desired, and the confidence I have has helped me deal with everyday life happily and positively.

My mood as I face life is livelier than ever. I feel beautiful outside and inside.

**1 month after my chin augmentation surgery with Dr. Beer**

The best Beauty Maker is only DRK, and I will always trust them for my beauty quests.

I am forever grateful for Dr. Beer’s expert hands and love for his patients and help us achieve our beauty goals in a very relaxing and comfortable way.

Also to all DRK team for assisting me and taking care of me all the time.

I will surely come back for more! Watch out for more of beauty quest!

#chinaugmentation #Vshape

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