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Sparking Korean Style Eyes through Blepharoplasty at DR. Korn

DRK’s Double Eyelid Surgery Bloodless Technique is the most innovative plastic surgery procedure that assures less tension and pressure to the patient’s eyes and leaves no harmful effects. No downtime and heals fast!

Hi everyone, my name is Jan. I would like to share to you my experience with my BEAUTY MAKER, Dr. Korn for changing the look of my eyes from boring to tantalizing ones.

Check the photo above, you can see the changes from then and now.

My eyes before looked very boring, and tired, and sleepy. It was “emotionless” eyes. I always get the impression that I look this and that. So I put makeup everyday and stick the false eyelid makeup to help make my eyes look open.

To my luck, my favorite Net Idol Ms. Gig had a double eyelid surgery at DRK and I wanted just like that too. You can check her review at

After my consultation with Dr. Korn, we both had an agreement and come up to a solution that he will make a long incision to my eyelid to create a more natural and long lasting result. Although he assures me that the procedure will be bloodless, and harmless.

This review images before & after compared it yet.

This was taken 7 days after I had double eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn.

I was surprised to see that I healed very fast and my incision is almost hard to see.

My recovery process was comforting and easy, I had no bruises, no terrible swelling and almost not painful. I had a normal routine during healing time.

These are my photos before I had double eyelid surgery.

If you could notice, I look sleepy and sick with my monolids. I want to change how my eyes and achieve the look that I want. Give a glow to my eyes, make them not tired and sleepy.

Im here at DRK now for my consultation with Dr. Korn. I’m so excited to meet my doctor. He is very cute hehehe

I did skin rejuvenation for my face, to make it look radiant and tighten the pores. This machine really works, I feel different after the laser treatment, and my face is so smooth when I touch it.

Today is the second day of my recovery.

There’s not much bruises but it is swollen. I need to apply cold packs to help reduce the swelling.

It’s been 4 days already after I had my double eyelid surgery. My eyes are better and I go to school today I just need to wear my eyeglasses so that they wont notice I had a surgery hahaha

7 days after my double eyelid surgery.

Look at the incision scar, it is so impressive that it is almost gone. I still need to wait for more days to get it totally healed.

I love my new glowing eyes. My friends say I look like a Korean star 5555 I love it so much. My everyday mood changed and I feel great with the compliments that the people give me.

Thanks to my handsome surgeon Dr. Korn for giving me this amazing result, and assuring me the safest operation and comfortable recovery. I am lucky to discover DRK.

I will surely come back for more treatments and maybe more surgeries. 555

Thank you for reading and see you soon!

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