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Shape up boobs size though Breast Augmentation at DRK

Boost up confidence with natural and permanent perfect breast shape!

This is me before I planned to do breast augmentation. I've been very insecure and unconfident about the size of breast. Here in Thailand, everybody loves big boobs and everybody does it, I feel like I'm behind the beauty trend.

When I go out, I feel inferiority complex that in everything I do, or I go, I can always relate the given situation to my flat boobs. Just like the scenario in the video shown above.

As breast augmentation is a major operation, it sounds and looks scary because you will be under general anesthesia. Especially for me, I never had been in any major surgery that's why I feel kinda worried when I think of it.

But since I know Dr. Beer already who did the double eyelid surgery for me.

As my result have gained trust with Dr. Beer, I am more than 100% sure to do the breast augmentation with him!

During the consultation, I told Dr. Beer that I would like to have 400cc volume of silicone implant because I want my breasts to be big. But doctor advised me that 375 is enough. It will be big enough for my body structure and my height.

I completely agree with his decisions and his visions because he is the expert and not me. hahahaha

**photos above are before I had breast augmentation with Dr. Beer**

So there you see how small my breasts were. Saggy and small, just like a grade school kid. The only solution to gain confidence is breast augmentation. And I am going to do it with Dr. Beer, which makes it very securing and I don't feel any anxiety but all I want now is to get it done!

I will have the breast augmentation surgery at Samitivej Hospital which is a JCI accredited hospital that DRK is affiliated with. I feel more safe knowing that I will do this major surgery at the hospital which I know is more high standard and complete OR facilities rather just doing it in the clinic.

DRK's protocol is to do all major operations in the hospital for their patient's safety.

**The following day after I had breast augmentation**

Dr. Beer came to see me at the hospital the next day. He checked my condition, and glad to know that I am fine. Although my breasts are kinda swollen and sensitive to touch at this day, but still good to see that I don't have bleeding and bruises.

I can move my arms and walk normally although slowly.

**7 days after my breast augmentation surgery**

I went back to DRK clinic to have follow up check with Dr. Beer.

As we take a look at my breast, the swollen has subsided but not completely. I am happy and relieved to see that the incision site are closed now. Also surprising to see that the size it small and the cut was thin.

Dr. Beer's technique for breast augmentation is really remarkable. I have no severe recovery and I have recovered very fast! No complications and the placing of my implants are perfect!

**after 7 days, photos taken at DRK facility for medical record purposes**

As I have looked at my new breasts, I am beginning to feel confident. I can imagine myself soon later when everything is back to normal, I will be wearing swimsuits and go out with different look.

My breast now are still swollen but I am perfectly fine. All I have to do is wear the support bra for 3 months to make sure that the breasts are supported well.

Look how BALANCE my breasts are. Perfectly shaped and no bruises. Dr. Beer is really an expert in doing breast augmentation. It looks so natural, with ROUND MENTOR implant 345cc, it perfectly fits my breast! Dr. Beer is right with his predictions!

**1 week after my breast augmentation, look at the incision cut**

The scar is starting to diminish in just 1 week. the incision is already closed and the size is very small. DRK also gave me "SCAR GEL" to help resolve the scar right away and less visible.

I don't need to wear big padded bras just to add volume to my breast and make it look big. Now, I am not wearing any bra and I feel so good looking at my natural looking breast.

It's been 2 weeks now since my breast augmentation surgery, and everything is back to normal. No more pain and tender feeling on my breast.

I am very happy and satisfied with the result of my breast surgery. My life has changed and my mood is always good. My family and friends are happy to see me gain the confidence that I've been longing, and with the natural result that I have, nothing can ruin my day!

I am very thankful to Dr. Beer as my Beauty Maker, making my dreams come true and assured me the best result and comfortable recovery!

I honestly recommend you all to come consult with Dr. Beer. Listen to his advice and then you can compare him to other doctors, I am sure you will choose him!

You will not regret as I have not regret!

Thank you all for reading and pls stay tuned for more beauty revelations at DRK! Good luck with you planned surgery! ^^

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