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Real Story Review of Thailand Celebrity Ms. Tukta about her experience in doing Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation

Hello, I’m Tukta. Some of you probably have seen me in some tv programs, networks and magazines around the country (Thailand). I’m not that big actress or famous model, but I have many invitations as guest, participant and model is many shows.

So my story is this, when I do my work as a model, the clothes that are being given to me would of course looks great on my shape and height, but something’s missing and not right. Then my manager said, “oh it’s the chest area. It’s so flat.” The dress on me is kinda loose on the chest part and that leaves me look like a kid in a sexy dress. Not so model at all.

I don’t feel confident about this issue. My flat breasts leave me a low self esteem, and I can’t be the person I want to be because of it. My wardrobe staff has to fix the dress I’ll be wearing at the breast part all the time, just for me to walk out there perfectly. Though all the remedies were done, I still feel unconfident inside.

I look at other models and even normal people do breast augmentation surgery, then I thought to myself, I should do it too- for myself, for my career. Then I started asking my fellow models where they did the breast augmentation, but some of them were not quite happy with the result they have. One said it was too small, the other said hard, the other said too high, and not symmetric. These complaints made me skeptical and so I did more and more research.

Until I met this super model, she did her breast augmentation at DRK. I asked her about the result, was she experiencing any dissatisfaction about it, but she was so confident with the answer. She said “I have no complains about my new breasts and I am very happy I did with DRK.”

That’s the sign I was waiting. The long research has ended, now time to talk to the doctor.

As I arrived in their center, everyone was very welcoming. They accommodated me nicely then upon my consultation, I met the master – Dr. Kolawach Laochaisri. He is so incredible with his explanation and procedure during the consultation. He asked me the right questions, and gave me the right advice. He made me understand the outcome and what to expect. It was totally knowledgeable and honest conversation with him. This has given me more confident to do the breast augmentation with Dr. Kolawach.

I will have under the muscle implant which creates more natural look and to touch. It may be more painful than the above the muscle implant position, but for me the most important is afterwards and what will last. It was bloodless operation and the incision is under the crease of the breast which means it can be hidden easily. Plus DRK has scar gel to be applied so that the scar will disappear and less to be seen.

My operation is done in the JCI standard hospital, which is DRK affiliated with. I felt so safe and secured with how the hospital takes care of their patients and the technologies are all modern as well as the whole system.

My operation took about 2 hours, and then I was sent to recovery room and then my private room. I stayed in the hospital for a night, as this is the protocol of Dr. Kolawach, patient’s safety is the first priority. If you know, some clinics they do the breast augmentation only in their clinics. These clinics are risking the lives of their patients. As you have heard in the news, few died already in the clinics while doing major operation. Because the clinic facilities is not the same as what the hospital offered. Emergency cases can be taken care of right away.

Breast Augmentation

This is my before and after the surgery wearing the same top bra/ swimsuit so that you can see the difference clearly. So nice right? ehehhehe

Breast Augmentation

Before my surgery. Posed without much confident. See how flat my breasts are. Now you can see how I badly need the surgery hahahha

Breast Augmentation

Following are my photo shoots about one month after the surgery ^-^ Enjoy….

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

My friends and manager were all surprised to see me with big boobs. They said I look blooming and stunning.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

I would like to end my review by thanking the whole staff of DRK for taking good care of me before and even more after the surgery. It was an easy recovery because they were always there to guide me on how to make it easy and painless.

And of course I am more grateful to Dr. Kolawach for this marvelous job. His hands were so gentle and indeed a master of surgery. I would totally recommend him to all of you and to all my friends.

My self esteem is settled to where it deserve. I have now more invitations and modeling because of my new look. Thank you DRK and more power to you all.

Always your loyal patient – Ms. Tukta.

Breast Augmentation

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