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Breast Augmentation by Dr. Kolawach

Hi guys, hope you all understand my situation that I don’t want to show my face to the public. But because I love Dr. Kolawach so much I would like to give my review to give him credits on Breast Augmentation.

If none of you knows about Dr. Kolawach, he is famous here in Thailand, well known man with good reputation for making excellent results in reconstructive plastic surgery.

How I know him is basically he is just popular, I first saw him in TV program. He was sharing his expertise, after that I looked up on DRK’s website and read more about his plastic surgery ventures. Everything about him amazes me and how his creations are all a success.

Meeting him in person for my breast augmentation surgery has given me more reason to trust and do the surgery with him. He has the most honest explanation regarding what I want, and give me options with both advantages and disadvantages. Not trying to sell me something but instead assures me that what I will be doing is within my total knowledge and approval. The best consultation I have ever received in this quest.

I chose the implant of 300cc as this will be good in outcome for me. The silicone is Mentor which is made in USA and DRK only trust this brand for its tested and proven quality standard.

I had my surgery done at Samitivej Thonburi hospital which is JCI accredited, also affiliated with DRK. I had the most comfortable stay in that hospital. After my surgery the following day Dr. Kolawach visited me in the hospital to take a look at my situation. Everything is fine, and he took care of me, gives me advice on how to take care of myself.

These are my photos 6 months after my breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Kolawach. My breasts are not swollen anymore and my routines are back to normal. My scars at the inframammary incision I had are smooth and fine just like a normal crease under my breasts.

I am more than satisfied with my results and having this outcome has gained me confidence I couldn’t not be more happier. All my friends are astonished with my new breasts and when they feel to touch it, it is so soft and natural. They all want to do with Dr. Kolawach too. Hahaha

I would like to thank Dr. Kolawach forever for giving me this magnificent breast. I will continue to support his greatness. I encourage you all to have a consultation with him and you will be amazed. It is worth your time.

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