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Kissable Lip Reshape Surgery by Dr. Beer

Hi everyone, I’m Joy and I would like to share to you all my experience in doing Lip Reshape Surgery with Dr. Beer.

Many of you might think that why do I have to reshape my lips. For me, my upper lip is not evenly shaped. It is thick and the curves are disproportionate with the lower part.

My everyday makeup ritual focused on my lips on how I make it even and in shaped by designing my lipstick lines. The hassle of putting it every now and then the whole day is very inconvenient. Whenever I go out and have dinner or coffee with friends, I am very conscious with my fade off lipstick and goes to the powder room to retouch every time.

So I decided to find a doctor that will do it with the best natural result.

I have friends who recommended me to many clinics around Bangkok but none of the doctors had convinced me to do with them. I want a known and trusted surgeon who can positively understand my condition and give me an honest advice about it.

I found DRK online and saw reviews from their patients, I was captivated by how amazing DRK surgeons work and all the results are magnificent. So I chose Dr. Beer to do the Lip Reshape Surgery for me.

This is how my upper lip looked like before I did my Lip Reshape Surgery with Dr. Beer. Examine the unevenness of my upper lip. Looked very weird for me.

Before my Lip Reshape Surgery and one week after.

Dr. Beer’s hand was very gentle, I had no problem with too much swelling on my lips and there are no bruises. I was advised not to eat hot and spicy food for 3 days and after that on the 5th day the nurse removed the stitches. On the 7th day, everything is almost perfect. I can eat everything I want and so back to normal routine.

3 weeks after I had my Lip Reshape Surgery with Dr. Beer. I am really satisfied with the result. I achieved the KISSABLE lips that I was longing for and when I apply lipstick, it’s easier, sometimes I just apply lip bum and I’m so ready to go.

Thank you so much my every trusted Dr. Beer for making my lips very attractive. My friends really like it and they will come to DRK to do cosmetic surgery. Also thanks to DRK team for taking care of me and giving me right information to help me recover fast.

I will surely come back for more ^^ DRK is now my only Beauty creator.

Before and after (1 month after) of my Lip Reshape Surgery with Dr. Beer. Perfectly carved, no swelling, no bruises, no scars and permanent result. How incredible I feel right now.

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