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Heart Shaped facial contour through Fat graft Stem cell enriched by Dr. Beer

Hello, I’m Minden. Some of you might see me on show magazines and shows here in Thailand. I am grateful to have your time to read my review about how I gained confidence by the help of DRK.

I had a problem with the shape of my face… My cheeks were so hollow, they’re pressed back which makes me look a moon face, also it gives deep eye bags.

My forehead was also flat which leaves it no contour and look so wide, and deepened temples…

All these shallow features leave my face look unbalance and off.

I’m trying to get my surgery done in Korea, but then the expenses of flying there and staying after the surgery costs so much more than I do it here in Thailand. All I gotta do is to find the perfect surgeon to solve my problem and give me the beauty that I desire.

Sometimes, I get so insecure with my hollowed face, I need to apply heavy makeup just o enhance other features of my face that will somehow cover the depths of my face.

I want to get a cosmetic procedure that wont require me to have general anesthesia, because I am afraid to go under major operation.

I have asked around known surgeons in Thailand and all they can offer is either filler and silicone implant.

But I saw this one celebrity that has done a plastic surgery at DRK with Dr. Beer and I was really amazed with her result. That's when I decided to call them and have a consultation with him...

Today is my consultation day with Dr. Beer, and I am very excited to meet him. DRK staff are so friendly and accommodating, I feel like I'm a VIP here

Everyone was so friendly and they assisted me with all my needs and questions about my planned surgery.

I feel so comfortable talking with Dr. Beer. He is really an expert in this field, he answered all my questions in terms that I understand. And he gave me a realistic result and expected outcome.

My cosmetic procedure will be fat graft with stem cell enriched formula, the stem cell will help uphold the fat and make it as permanent and lifelong result. The fat to be transferred is to be removed from my thighs, for an amount that is sufficient to fill the parts of my face which are the forehead, temples, and cheeks.

Of course I agreed with all Dr. Beer's advice for I believe he is the specialist one. and I have seen his works and they are all exceptional.

This is me right after my fat graft filler. The points on my face is where Dr. Beer inserted the cannula for filling the gaps on my face.

The operation was fast and easy, because I didn't feel any pain at all. Dr. Beer's hands were so gentle and the amount of local anesthesia is just about right to make me feel comfortable the whole operation time.

Now I cannot wait until everything is not swelling and fat injected has settled down permanently.

The following day after my fat graft filler on the forehead and cheeks

2nd day

3rd day after my fat graft filler.

You see, I have no terrible bruises and swelling, I am perfectly fine. Seems like I didn't undergo any cosmetic surgery. I also like the result. Everything is perfect!

4th day after I had fat graft filler on my forehead and cheeks with Dr. Beer

I went out to pay merit, I feel very lucky and blessed for everything that I have received.

9th day after I had fat graft filler on my forehead and cheeks.

My result is very outstanding. All my friends said that I feel very beautiful now like Korean star! 555

Comparison of before and after

Can you see the difference? The forehead and the cheek area!

I can see that my face is now balance! The ideal facial balance structure that I want to possess.

My confidence has grown after my successful fat graft filler at DRK.

I have achieved the Heart Shaped face like Koreans and I like the result!

Everyone said I become more attractive and looking happy all the time, that's because of my confidence that's showing form the inside out.

DRK is really the best plastic surgery center in Thailand and even better than doing it Korea.. hahaha same result in a better reasonable price!

Hi guys! I so love my look today! 555

**Before and after fat graft filler on forehead and cheeks with Dr. Beer**

**Before and after fat graft filler on forehead and cheeks with Dr. Beer**

This is my end result now. Fuller cheeks and prominent forehead give me a look of a Korean Beauty, fresh and young.

I am thankful of my Beauty Maker Dr. Beer for making my dreams come true and making it the best result.

Assuring me safe and comfortable surgery and recovery, with no terrible swelling and bruises, no pain and no scar!!!!

I will definitely come back for more beauty creations by DRK.

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