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Lovely Eyes : Double Eyelid Surgery by Dr. Korn

Meet the confidence on the first sight.

Hi everyone, I’m Gig and I would like to share you my experience in doing double eyelid surgery at DRK.

To be frank, I am pretty much contented with myself. I do modeling and have some fashion shows around Thailand. But doing plastic surgery is addictive, you always want to do something if you know there’s something that needs to be changed. And in my case, I am not contented with my upper eyelids.

I feel confident with my body, but sometimes when I put makeup such as eye shadows and eyeliners it feels so odd because my upper eyelids are too small and short, I find it difficult to put good makeup and takes time to get it done.

Good thing I saw DRK’s new surgeon that is expert in Blepharoplasty, also he is cute. Hahaha but honestly I read about his profile and found out that he has a good reputation among his colleagues and although he is young his experience and feedback from his patients are magnificent.

**before doing Double Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Korn**

Some of my friends find it cute to have small eyes, because it looks Chinese, but in my style I want big eyes like Korean.

During my consultation with Dr. Korn, he explained to me clearly on how my double eyelid procedure would be. He measured the possible incision height and width and we both agree to the plan.

He gave me the possible and realistic outcome which I find very attractive. I am so excited to do this surgery with him!

On my operation day, DRK staff assisted me to the operating room. Changed my clothes to clean OR gown, then wash my face, inserted an intravenous fluid and let me rest and wait in the waiting/recovery area.

**Immediately after my Double Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Korn**

My incision is long, so that I can have a better definition. Good thing the operation went well, not much stress on my eyes that’s why there were no bruises. More importantly, DRK’s special technique is BLOODLESS procedure that leaves patient no blood loss and bruises.

3 days of swollen eyes… hahaha I stayed home to protect my eyes from getting exposed to dirt, also I need to apply cold packs for the whole day…

I’m still being lucky that I feel no pain and no bruises or whatsoever complications..

10 days and it’s getting better and better each day.

it’s been a month now and everything is back to normal…

My friends are so envious of my natural double eyelid and they said they want to do it as well.

I feel more confident taking selfies.. every time I see my face in the photos, I feel more confident and addictive with taking close up photos hahaha

Lovely Eyes Double Eyelid Surgery by Dr. Korn was one of the best plastic surgery I had. I feel great about myself, and it changed my everyday life style, easier and more convenient in putting makeup. My photoshoots are now taken closely unlike before that it has to be body shots.

I am very thankful for the handsome and skillful DRK surgeon Dr. Korn for making me this more beautiful and confident.

You guys can be beautiful the way you want it to be! Trust DRK as I have trusted them…

See you for more beauty makeovers!

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