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Expressive Manly Eyes : Upper Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Korn

Hi Im back here again to write my review about my experience in doing upper eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn.

I had first eyebrow transplant with Dr. Pum, then revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Kolawach and now another surgery from DRK. Yes guys, plastic surgery is getting the best of me because you know why? It makes me more confident about myself and I feel happy with my changes. It is not really changes that completely remove my original features, but it just definition of what I already have.

This time, I changed my upper eyelid. It’s not really that bothering me, but my eyes look so small, and I want a double eyelid which I know would really make me look more attractive and young.

So since I am an avid fan and supporter of DRK, I always follow them. So they have this super famous doctor, DR. KORN. He has a very good reputation to the public as well as reviews from the patient. I got intrigued and so I made an appointment for consultation right away.

When I talked to Dr. Korn, first I was all stunned with how good looking he is. Plus he is kind and smart. His ways are so professional I was feeling so intimidated. But then he sensed that I am a bit conscious so he made me feel comfortable during the consultation. And I was able to express my insights about my planned surgery. He explained to me thoroughly about it and expected result.

So this is Dr. Korn. Pretty well-known here in Thailand. He has earned good professional integrity from colleagues and patients. He is said to be a trustworthy person and well-experience.

And I can’t wait do have my eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn. Would be such pleasure for me do have the operation with him.

My preparation to surgery was simple, no aspirin medicines or the like, no meds that will alter my blood clot. No smoking and drinking for at least a week before the operation, which is totally find because I don’t have those habits. So all was pretty easy for me.

As I am all ready for the operation, the day has finally come to change my eyelids. When I arrived at DRK, the medical staff got me all prepared for the operation. They were always the same as before and even got better. They assisted me with my OR gown for the operation.

On the day of operation, I was all excited to get it all done. DRK medical staff prepared me well prior to surgery. Changed my gown for OR, making it clean and bacteria-free.

During the operation, Dr. Korn made sure that I am calmed, physically and mentally prepared for the surgery. I felt so comfortable the whole time and Dr. Korn’s hands are so gentle I didn’t feel any pain or disturbing sensation.

Hi guys, as you can see my eyes look so Chinese, and I know it’s not that really bad but I want to have a double eyelid coz it will make me more westerner in appearance. I still embrace my Asian look, but I wanted to look more like a half Asian and westerner.

Closer look of my upper eyelid, look how not good that is. I look like I just woke up and don’t feel so lively. This is the reason why I really wanted to have an upper eyelid surgery because I wanted to look alive and jolly as it matches my personality. I’m now at the waiting/recovery area, waiting for my operation. I can’t wait to get it started. I feel excited with the result and see my new look.

Guys! Me after my double eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn! Look at my eyes! It is so naturally amazing! I can go home like this, no ones gonna look at me scared coz it looks so ok. Unlike what I see from other people when they finish from the operation, they all look scary. But I feel so fine. No BLEEDING, NO PAIN, NO BRUISES and very less swelling. The swelling is not bad at all.

So this is the 1st day after my upper eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn. I feel so much better now. I can go to work and no need to lock myself up in the room. Though I need to not move extraneous activities, but the thing is I don’t look scary and I am perfectly fine.

Second day after my upper eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn. On my way to work, and I feel my eyes are getting better. The stitches are amazingly ok. But I need to wear my eyeglasses because I feel a bit comfortable wearing my contacts ^^ but you see guys, there’s no bruises and not scary swelling. I am so great at the moment.

Third day after my upper eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn. Today is a great day for me. Day off at work and I get to have a good holiday at the beach. I am well enough to hang out with friends. My eyes are not bothering me, feels like I didn’t have any operation at all. My life is back to normal but greater. 5555

This is my 4th day after the upper eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn. I’m so happy today because I get to wear my contacts again, and it’s not painful anymore. My eyes are not swollen anymore, the stitches are not obvious. I feel so good with how I look right now.

This is the 5th day after my upper eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn. Life is back to normal as it is. My friends are telling me how good my eyes are now. It gives my eyes more emphasis as the shapes of my eyes are now more visible.

6th day after my upper eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn. Every day gets better and better. I felt the confidence in me is building up and my friends and family can see the energy in me.

One week after my upper eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn. I went back to DRK for my follow up, and of course I got good news. Wounds are closing normally, no complications and expectedly I didn’t have a bad recovery process. Thanks to Dr. Korn and DRK staff for keeping me safe and secured at all times.

This is my comparison of before and after my upper eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn. You can notice the difference from before I had the surgery and one week after. There’s a changes in my eyes but I still look NATURAL. That’s what most important, looking natural like I didn’t have any surgery.

All I ever wanted for my eyes came to reality, and that’s because of Dr. Korn’s golden hands. That’s why all my gratitude goes to Dr. Korn and the whole DRK team for giving me the best service a patient could receive.

The happiness and satisfaction I have from this surgery has reached its paramount level that for sure I recommend everybody to see it for yourself. You can compare DRK to other clinics in Bangkok, you will definitely see how everyone is professional and like-minded.

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