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Partial Incision

This technique was developed to overcome excessive swelling and scars, the major disadvantages of traditional cosmetic eyelid surgery. By using smaller incisions, the size of the scar will be reduced to approximately 1 centimeter, allowing surgeons to work with the muscles and excessive fat around the eye area to a certain extent. This cannot be achieved through the method using punctures, which is why this particular method has been extremely popular in the past 15years.


  1. Small scar, approximately 1 to 1.5 centimeter.

  2. No need to remove sutures.

  3. Suitable for all types of eyelids.


  1. In some cases, the double eyelid created may appear slightly too short in length, making the eye look less defined 

  2. Not suitable for patients aged 30 years or older or those with an excess of skin in their eyelids (which need removing) as the double eyelid created will lose its shape and definition with 1 year after the procedure.


Recovery Period : 3 to 5 days


Before & After Surgery
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