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Endotine Transbleph

Endotine Transbleph

Direct Browpexy Procedure

Endotine Transpleph is a combination of blepharoplasty and brow lift to help improve the droopiness of the brow to the eyes and improves the shape of the upper eyelid. 


Amazing Combination of Bleph and Brow

Achieve two desired eye makeover by removing upper eyelid skin and repositioning of the brow in one time surgical procedure.

What is Endotine Transbleph?


  • One type of material used to pull and lift the face

  • There are positions that hold many points to increase strength.

  • Fasten the material to the strong parts such as bones or fascia

  • The material used to dissolve provides sufficient clamping force before the melting occurs

  • Produced from L-PGA Polymer in the ratio of 82:18



Why choose Endotine Transbleph?


  • Minimally invasive with small wound

  • Multipoint Fixation with multiple mounting positions

  • Durability results can last up to 6-12 months (depending on the individual)

  • Faster duration of surgery

  • Less convalescent, able to live normally

  • Small scars, less chance of scarring

  • Can fix wrinkles in the case of wrinkles that laser injections cannot do

  • The material meets FDA standards, both Thailand and USA. Therefore has high security. 

TransBleph Brow (TransBleph Brow Lift)


  • Suitable for those who have problems with the eyebrows, falling or drooping eyes, sad eyes

  • Solve physical physiognomy

  • The material will be instate is about 1-1.5cm above the brow tail.

  • Incise the same crease as making 2 layers of eyelids

  • Can make double eyelids and eyebrow lifting at once

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