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Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation is an extensive procedure that requires a tremendous amount of experience, skill and full well knowledge about facial balance ratio. Cheek implants must fit perfectly to the cheekbone, if any chance that the implant is unbalanced and not matched to the face, the result will definitely alter the whole facial shape and will look unpleasantly.

Cheek implants must have an ideal shape and size for each individual to achieve the most desirable and appropriate result. DRK surgeon Dr. Chanchai has both the skills and knowledge to give you best options for an outstanding naturally beautiful result.

Dr. Chanchai is known in Thailand and globally as one of the experts on Cheek Augmentation for his great achievements doing surgeries on celebrities and influential people across the globe. By his great aesthetic judgment, the outcome complete creates a beautiful and balanced feature, attains feminine face and younger look.

DRK’s method in attaining a certain assessment and evaluation of the facial bone structure requires a CT Scan and our team will create an actual model of the patient’s facial bone structure. This will serve as a legit basis and cornerstone to customize and design the implant accurately.

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