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Breast Restoration

Breast Restoration is a breast operation to bring back the shape and younger form of woman’s breast. This procedure includes breast lift (mastopexy), nipple reduction, areola reduction and breast reduction. In women’s life, breasts are the pride and glory for feminism. It presents sexiness by enhancing one’s self-esteem and confidence. After a woman gives birth, gaining too much weight and aging- it is normal to have saggy and bigger breasts, and even larger or wider nipple and areola. This instance sometimes reduces their self-possession.


Breast Restoration Program by DRK Medical Group will change your life from downbeat to an ambitious and aspiring one.


Procedures for Breast Restoration:

1. Breast Lift:

This operational procedure is done in the hospital, done by DRK board certified surgeon to cut and remove excess tissue such as glandular, adipose and/or skin due to breast tissue expansion from giving birth, gaining weight and aging causes. The incision is mostly in the periareolar area which is located below the areola line. The scar is not easily being seen because the incision is underlying the areola line.



2. Breast Reduction

This procedure can be done together with breast lift. More adipose tissue will be removed as requested by the patient, in this case breast sagging will also decrease. Though, breast reduction are sometimes done by patients who has abundant amount of fat in the breast that is not proportionate to their body, and more likely to have over stretching and lose skin laxity when aging process begins.

3. Nipple reduction

This procedure can be done in OPD/ Out-patient Department care. This is only minor surgery, and the patient can go home and take home medicines, though DRK will make sure that the patient is well enough to go home by herself. She can have 30minutes to 1 hour of recovery in our center. This operation is to simply reduce the size of the nipple by cutting some tissue and not getting involved with the muscles or some sensitive parts of the breast.

4. Areola reduction

This is also OPD case which can be done easily as minor surgery. This procedure is done by decreasing the size of the areola to make it look blossoming. It is a simple process by cutting off outskirt skin of areola and stitch back. The surgeon will not interfere with the crucial part of the breast. The scar will not be obvious because it will be on the lining of the areola. The patient can go home and take home medicines.


Pre-operating care:
  1. Laboratory test are important before doing any surgery. Your doctor might ask you to do mammogram, ekg, cbc etc. In this case, the doctor will know if you are well and appropriate to do this operation.

  2. Stop smoking. As we know that smoking will reduce the healing process and might interfere with the blood supply.

  3. For general anesthesia- your doctor will ask you to have fasting or NPO prior surgery.

  4. No aspirin or any particular medicines that interfere with your health two weeks prior surgery.

  5. If you have health conditions or under special medication, you have to ask medical certificate or approval from your doctor that you can undergo such operation.


In-operating procedure:
  1. In the hospital or center, the nurses will be on your service to take a look at you. The nurse will assist you on your preparation for the surgery.

  2. There might be some simple laboratory test in the hospital, 30 minutes prior the operation.

  3. Relax and trust your doctor.


Post operating care:
  1. Breast compressive garments may be needed for a few weeks. This will help support the breast, make it tight and firm.

  2. Home medicines must be taken regularly in 5-7 days after surgery. Medicines are for pain reliever, reduce swelling and antibiotic.

  3. The doctor will be visiting you in the hospital the day after your surgery. You may be asked to have follow up check in the clinic one week after the surgery.

  4. Take care of the wounds carefully. The doctor and the nurse will give you instructions how to clean it and change the dressings.

  5. Full recovery depends from patient to patient; the estimation will be 1-3 months.

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