Top 1 Beauty Technique to achieve a naturally beautiful eyelids!

The way to achieve bigger and better fine eyelid crease is by creating a double eyelid that could bring the eyes its glowing shape. Double eyelid surgery by DRK definitely gave the best result for my eyes.

My sentiments may surely be the same sentiments as many women who wanted to change the expression of their eyes. As a common Asian lady, I have the small upper eyelids, and because of it I suffer to have a tire-looking face.

Most of the time I use heavy eyeliners and eye shadows just so I could cover the boring look of my eyes. But I got tired of it and I thought to myself that I needed something more permanent.


DRK is my first choice to be my beauty maker because they have many good recommendations from my friends and models in Thailand. If you check their reviews, they got good results and patients are satisfied with their new look.

During my consultation with the surgeon, I was relieved and confident about the plan for the surgery, how the surgeon will create my upper eyelid. I agreed to the measurement and technique.


The design was a long incision to create more clear double eyelid and a better shape for my eyes. The operation took less than an hour, it was easing and I was comfortable the entire operation.

After a couple of minutes rest in the recovery room, I was able to go back home to continue my rest. I have to apply cold packs over the eyes to help reduce swelling, take the meds regularly and rest.

In just a week, the incision would healed completely. I began to see the changes in my eyes. I can also do the normal routine as usual. When I meet my friends, they are very fascinated with the result, they said it gives me a different glow.

After one month, people say I have a SEXY EYES. I am wearing no makeup and now you can see my defined eyelids. It gives my eyes a better glow, some say I have an almond eyes. There are no scars visible which makes my eyes look natural because there's no sign of obvious surgery.


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