Big Bright Eyes and Beautiful Look with Defined Double Eyelids

Get the look you desire by changing the shape of your eyes to a bigger and better shape! It can totally give a beautiful youthful face! With the full incision of upper eyelids, it will give an extend defined clear double eyelid.

To keep it real, I fully admit that I don't like the shape of my eyes because I don't have the double eyelid. It is common for Asians to have this kind of condition and it's normal to long for a change.

I choose DRK to be my Beaut Maker, because of a lot of factors but first I know how good their surgeons are. Ver well known to have good reputation and are board certified surgeons and have practice abroad.

***In the operating room for Double Eyelid Surgery***

DRK facility has a complete monitoring system and cutting edge technology to provide an adequate and secured operation. Moreover the utilities and its staff are all harmonized in assisting the doctor for the operation.

Proper measurement of the length and height for the incision of crease. I am very confident that I will have the right double eyelid for my eyes.

The operation took less than an hour, then after they sent me to recovery room to rest for couple of minutes till I got better to go home to continue the rest and medication. The recovery was not so difficult. Just rest, cold compress and medicines.

***5 Days After Double Eyelid Surgery***

At this point, the swelling and bruises are still visible. But thankfully that the incision wound is already closed and healed. I just have to wait for few more days for the swelling to subside.

***5 Days After Double Eyelid Surgery***

Luckily, I can go out but still I can't be fully confident with this swelling, I still have to rest some more. I am just happy that it's not painful anymore.

On the 6th day after double eyelid operation, I went out for a trip with family. Eyes still swollen but I'm doing fine.

10 days after double eyelid surgery the eyes have transform. The defined upper eyelids have clearly enhance the shape of my eyes. I can put light makeup and no need to go heavy on the eyes.

I like how my eyes change the entire look on my face. I feel young and new, I can feel the happiness and confidence that's glowing in me. People say I have change differently and I like their compliment.

I am so grateful for DRK for giving me this opportunity to achieve the kind of look that I like and the confidence that truly long for.

I believe that DRK is my way to achieving the confidence through looks, and I definitely recommend them if you want to make your beauty dreams come true.

***Before and After Double Eyelids Surgery***


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