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Complete Change look through balanced ratio of Rhinoplasty Perfect Curve!

Rhinoplasty Nose Review

Nose as the central feature of the face leaves the one of the most important ratio to make the face look balance and symmetry. DRK provided the perfect curve for my facial structure and it changed the whole look of my face!

The original shape of my nose was a bit wide and flat, the nose bridge is too straight pointing downwards to the tip and that makes the nostrils look wider. Some people call this nose a witch nose because of its shape, and I am not confident with it.


Rhinoplasty Nose Review

Rhinoplasty Nose Review

It was not easy to find the best surgeon and clinic in Bangkok because there are so many plastic surgery providers in this country. But I was patient to look carefully in each clinic and painstakingly studied the profile and works of the surgeons. Until one day, I heard about DRK. They are quite popular in Bangkok, they are talk of the town because of the celebrities that had plastic surgery makeover done with them.

I was amazed to see a stunning revelations and outstanding feedbacks from patients and they are really happy and satisfied with the result. So then I decided to meet with their surgeon for consultation.

The clinic has a very good ambience, the environment are clean and the staff are friendly and accommodating. The facilities are well equipped with cutting edge technologies that assures to provide safety and security in all their medical procedures.

The consultation went perfectly well, the surgeon explained to me what would be the shape for my nose to create the desired look that I wanted, and also to make it look natural. We both agreed to the terms and then he explained to me how to take care of my nose during recovery and what and when to expect the maximum result.


Rhinoplasty Nose Review

After a week I was back to my normal routine as if nothing happened. I can go out and be with my colleagues. My friends really like the transformation made with my nose because it creates a different and wonderful change on my face.

The curve of my nose is very perfect for my facial structure, I am really thankful that DRK did what they promised.

Rhinoplasty Nose Review

I love every angle I make! My nose is the center of attraction of my face and people can notice how beautiful my nose is! This gives me confidence like never before.

Rhinoplasty Nose Review

Thank you DRK for the great experience and tremendous makeover, this is the start of a new life, a beautiful one. I will surely come back for more beauty makeover!


Rhinoplasty Nose Review


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