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Unique beauty and balanced facial ratio with customized design rhinoplasty

The perfect rhinoplasty result would be determined by the facial ratio, it means that the nose must be perfectly measured to the person's facial structure so it would balance to the whole face thus this will make it look natural. Of course we don't want an obvious nose job, as much as possible we would like to appear to have an in-born beauty, right?

DRK's rhinoplasty standard procedure is to customize the USA made silicone to fit perfectly to the facial structure, to leave a natural balance and beautiful result. Thus the design can also be personalized to the preference of the patient.


In my case, I wanted to achieve the S-Curve design, because I think it would look pretty on me and also this is the Asian trend beauty today. When I talked to my surgeon at DRK, he agreed on my desired design because this is the "ideal" nose for women. He then measured the height, the length of the nose bridge implant and the projection of the nose tip.

When the surgeon showed me the design measurement, he gave me a possible and realistic outcome of my nose and I was very excited to have the rhinoplasty surgery.

The operation took about an hour, once the local anesthesia was administered, the following procedure felt like nothing. It was comforting and reassuring the entire rhinoplasty operation, my surgeon made sure that I didn't feel any pain and monitored my vital signs every time. After the surgery, the medical personnel sent me to the recovery room to have me rested for a couple of minutes till I was feeling better to go back home and continue my rest and recovery there.

I have to wear the plaster for three days plus ice pack over it to help reduce the swelling faster. The home meds are all very helpful to eliminate the pain and prevent any complications such as infection et al.

***2 days after Rhinoplasty***

No bleeding, no pain, but swelling and a bit of bruise are present. I have to wait for the wound to be totally healed and for the swelling to subside. It may take a few more days to completely recover.

I'm very excited to see the final result, I know it's gonna be wonderful and I can't seem to hold my excitement any longer! The incision wound under the nostril was healed after a week, although the swelling was complete gone after 10 days. After that, I was back to my normal routine.

After a month, I have follow up check at DRK and here's my before and after photos! Splendid result! I love how my nose change its projection, it gives emphasis and drama to my face.

The nose tip is perfectly pointed and curved to show striking edge. The height of the nose bridge from the middle of the eyes down leaves a natural appearance.

After the rhinoplasty surgery result, I feel confident about myself, because my nose is naturally beautiful. I have achieved the look I desired and even more beautiful than I expected because of its balanced and natural outcome.

Thank you DRK for doing your best on me, you are definitely a life changer!

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