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Thigh gap and slender tight legs in only ONE-TIME session!

Some girls' biggest problem is being fat, looking at those unwanted fats every day changes our mood and our lifestyle. Some of us take on a very strict diet and some go to the gym most of our free time just to get rid of all the calories we took and wishing that the fats will go away.

It's not easy to do all these endeavor of dieting and working out, it is time consuming and needs a lot of effort before we can say that we finally achieved the body we so much desire.

Why do we have to go through all these undertakings if there's an easy way route to do it. It's a HACK girls! Liposuction is the answer!

DRK has a cutting edge technology made in the USA, the Vaser Liposuction that does the fat removing effect plus it has RF mode that firms and tightens the skin resulting to not only a slender figure but also a non-cellulite skin! Amazing isn't it!


Embarrassing as this can be but I have to show you how my legs look like before I had liposuction. Please notice the thigh part of my legs, on the outer side it has accumulated fat that leaves a bulging shape. Also the inner thighs are touching each other, aside from having a fatty legs look, these are causing blisters which are very uncomfortable.

That's why I decided to have vaser liposuction at DRK. Why DRK? because of the innovative technology they have, and the surgeons are board certified plastic surgeon that are specialized in their field. Also the operating room facility is complete and protected with anti bacterial environment assuring the safety and security of the patient. Moreover, the medical team and nurses are very assistive and professional in doing their responsibility, making sure that I am psychologically and physically well and prepared for the liposuction surgery.

The following day after the liposuction, I can walk around the house. Although I have to rest for a few days, 3 days to be exact to let the swelling reduce and also the incision to close.

The incision is very very small, it didn't cause any scar on my legs. It's just like a bite of a mosquito. I got better in just a week and started to go out and meet my friends.

By then I am confident to wear sexy shorts because the unwanted thigh fat is gone. My friends say I look so much sexier with the thigh gap and firm legs. It looked like I was going to the gym regularly!

In one month, everything gets better and better! Firmer and tighter legs too! People really think I regularly go to the gym! They are surprised when I say I had a vaser liposuction at DRK!

My legs look very natural! I am very thankful that DRK made my life easier and happier!

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