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Symmetric Facial Balance Korean Style Contour through Forehead Augmentation

Flat and receding forehead is not a sign of perfect facial symmetry. The face must be balanced on the upper part- the forehead, middle part, the eyes and nose, and lower part which is the lips and chin. These facial features must have a dimension to contribute a gold facial balanced like the Koreans.

Koreans have the "ideal" facial balance for women especially for Asians. And apparently my forehead has a receding or leaning backward contour leaving it look flat and wide. I wanted to achieve the Korean beauty that's why I decided to have forehead augmentation.

***BEFORE Forehead Augmentation***

For normal people, they don't have this kind of forehead. Mine is just so straight flat and no contour. I had other options to such as filler injection and fat grafting but DRK surgeon advised me to have silicone implant for my forehead augmentation. In this way, the forehead will form a structure like a real forehead bone and wont have lumpy curvy feature. The silicone that DRK will provide is made in the USA and used by Korean surgeons, this kind of silicone is very identical to the bone which will leave a natural feeling and result.

DRK standard services for forehead augmentation surgery requires a CT Scan and providing the actual model of the patient's forehead. So this is the shape of my forehead. DRK surgeon explained the shape of my face and forehead and to what size and shape will my silicone be to create a perfect symmetric and balanced face.

***DURING the Forehead Augmentation surgery***

The incision site is above the head to hide it and my hair will cover the fine scar in the future. I like this technique because it will have a natural result for covering any marks from forehead augmentation surgery. If you can notice that there's not much blood because of the "bloodless" technique method procedure of DRK.

Very little swelling! The recovery time is very fast and safe! There's no terrible bruises on my face!

In 5 days after the operation, I feel so much better. I can do normal stuff at home and more importantly I can see the prominence of my forehead is showing very beautifully! Although I still have to wait for a few more days to let the swelling completely subsides.

2 weeks after the swelling is gone and now my forehead is completely healed! The incision wound above my head has already closed. There were no infection nor complication during my recovery.

***COMPARISON of BEFORE & AFTER Forehead Augmentation***

I have achieved my desired outcome and the expectation result that DRK given to me! It was a perfect sync! Now I have a balanced facial dimension by enhancing the prominence of my forehead.

My friends say I look different, and I have gained more confidence after the operation! I am very satisfied with my new look! I look like a Korean KPOP now!

Thank you so much DRK for making me more beautiful! Thank you DRK staff for your kind assistance and making me feel safe and comfortable!

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