Master Chef Yuri transformation by removing underchin fat in one procedure!

Most people that eat a lot likely to develop a double chin or an underchin fat. This is due to accumulation of fat probably caused by overweight or hereditary factor. There could be other ways to get rid of the double chin, but mini-liposuction by DRK definitely is the answer to me!

Guys, I'm Chef Yuri and I love to eat as much as I love to cook. Eating is life for me, I love food and it keeps me alive and happy. But there's a downside to it, as I gained weight, the fats accumulated all over my body. Then I realized, I wanna look better. Enhance myself, look attractive and pleasant to the eyes. So my first action will be the face.

I have gained more fat under the chin, which leaves the "double chin" look. And I hate it. When I lower my head, it appears drastically, it's like a chicken neck or a goose. I look even more fat because of my double chin.

***Before Double Chin Removal***

The underchin fat does not only make me look fat but also old. It's hanging beneath my jaw like old people usually have. I really wanted to correct this because I cannot take another day seeing my face like this.

Mini-liposuction by DRK is a one time procedure that removes selected unwanted fat. DRK uses a technology made in the USA that is efficient and effective power performance to ensure that the fats will be removed accurately leaving no harm to the surrounding tissues. Plus it FIRMS the skin making it look tight after the removal of fat! AMAZING right?!

(In the operating room) DRK medical personnel took care of me, prepared me well for my double chin removal surgery. They have a high standard services in monitoring, assisting and application of medical technologies and apparatus. I feel very at ease and secured for my double chin removal operation.

The doctor injected local anesthesia to relieve all the pain, to make me feel comfortable for the entire double chin removal procedure. I didn't feel any pain nor discomfort. The surgeon's hands are very skilled and professional for being very gentle and precise on the procedure.

After the double chin removal surgery, I can go back home after a few hours rested in the recovery room. DRK medical personnel advised me to wear this facial bandage for 4-5 days to help reduce swelling faster.

***7 DAYS after Double Chin Removal***

No more terrible swelling, no bruises, no pain, NO SCAR! I am back to my normal routine in just a week! Although I still have to wait for a few more days to completely see the end result.

I can do sideview angle now! No worries of my underchin! Also I can see my jawline! I love how the double chin removal by DRK works!

In just 2 weeks the double chin is gone! No more fat hanging under my chin! They are now removed! The double chin removal surgery by DRK gradually has an action that firms the skin thus making the skin look tighter.

My journey has just begun with DRK. I am happy and I will continue to be happy with more makeover at DRK. Thank you for granting my request to remove my double chin. Now, I have none! Next time, will be different beauty makeover for complete transformation. I only trust DRK! Thank you again kaaaaaa...

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