I got rid of my chubby cheeks through Buccal Fat Removal at DRK

Slim cheeks is the new trend for Asian beauty started by South Korean people. The Korean celebrities look very attractive and lovely because of the slim facial figure they have. The Vshape face is now popular to most Asian people and very in demand style of beauty especially for ladies.

To achieve the Vshape face, one of the ways to attain it is to get rid of the chubby face or round face. There can be many ways to remove the unwanted fats on the face but not all of them is safe. There are some injection solutions that will dissolve fats, and some can be done through minor liposuction, but none of it gives me confidence and security that the result will be outstanding and the procedure will be safe.

DRK International Beauty Clinic specialized surgeon advised me to have BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL to safely remove the buccal fat pad inside my cheeks that causes the roundness and chubbiness. They have a standard technique that removes only the buccal fat pad undamaging surrounding tissues and nerves. The Bloodless technique surgery will give them a thorough access to the buccal fat pad and safely remove it clearly.

***Right After Buccal Fat Removal***

The operation took less than an hour. Everything ran smoothly and seamless after the local anesthesia injection. I felt nothing but comfort the entire buccal fat removal procedure. After the surgery, the nurse sent me to the recovery room, wrapped my face with bandage plus ice pack to help reduce swelling faster.

Look! Those are my buccal fat pads that were removed! A lot right? That was making my face look chubby and round.

I have to wear the facial bandage for 3 consecutive days, then I can continue wearing it for a week only at night. This will help get the swelling subside easily.

***5 Days After Buccal Fat Removal***

In less than a week, I am healed! I can do normal stuff as usual! No complications, no infections, no more pain! I can eat any food I like and most importantly, I can now go out and meet my friends!

***7 days after Buccal Fat Removal***

Still swollen but I have to wait til the swelling completely subsides to see the final result of Vshape face!

10 days after buccal fat removal! Look how my face starts to look slim! My friends say that I look like a Korean popstar! I love it so much!

***1 Month After Buccal Fat Removal***

Vshape face achieved! I feel sexy with my slim face! I am very satisfied with the result from buccal fat removal. Thank you DRK for the tremendous experience I had with you, this beauty journey is the beginning of a beautiful life.

I thank you for taking care of me and making me feel like a VIP for the magnificent treatment. I will surely come back for more beauty makeovers!

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