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Nose like Korean! Operated by THAI doctors! No need to fly far abroad! only at DRK!

Korean Nose Style has been the most wanted and in demand style of beauty for Asians today. Even foreign lands have yearned for this beauty. One of its makeover is Rhinoplasty, in which the nose is enhanced in an S-Curve design. To make it look soft and friendly face.


My original nose was typical Asian nose. It is boring and doesn’t create a beautiful slope like Koreans. I wanted to look like my favorite Korean Pop star Mina…

I was planning to go to Korea to achieve the Korean Style nose but the thing is it is very expensive. The ticket their, the visa, the hotel accommodation, transportation and of course the plastic surgery itself. Rhinoplasty procedure would cost almost 100,000 baht, although it could be good, but then it’s way too much for my budget.

Good thing I heard DRK, their Medical surgeon have practices in Korea and now one of the standard style in doing rhinoplasty surgery. The call it S-Curve style. When I checked in their website, I saw a lot of celebrity patients that undergone plastic surgery with them, especially with nose. The rhinoplasty results from the reviews are stunning, it really gave the person a magnificent look!


The rhinoplasty operation took less than an hour. DRK surgeon uses the “bloodless” technique for less swelling and bruises, and quick safe recovery. After the procedure, the medical team had me rested at the recovery room until I am better to go back home and continue my rest there.

I didn’t feel any discomfort during the rhinoplasty surgery, the surgeon’s hands are very gentle and skillful it didn’t hurt me at all.


Day one is just chill. The pain can be relieved by the medicine that DRK gave me. There’s no terrible swelling and no bruises. I feel fine and just have to apply ice pack to help reduce swelling faster. I have to keep the area dry so when I clean my face I have to use sponge…


Second day after rhinoplasty and it’s getting better I can say! No problem no complication!


I went back to DRK clinic to remove the plaster. I am so astound by the result!!!! I know there is swelling but the recovery is very fast and easy! I can really see the S-Curve of my nose!

***2 weeks after KOREAN STYLE RHINOPLASTY***

Can you see the S-Curve Korean Style Nose? the dimension of the nose really gave my face a balance look. The soft and cute and attractive face like Koreans. DRK uses USA made implant to ensure that the result is long-lasting and no complication in the future.

My friends and relatives are very amazed with the changes of my face after I had my rhinoplasty at DRK. I am very satisfied with my new Korean look and for that I thank DRK for making my beauty dream come true! All the expenses are worth it! I had the right decision to stay in Bangkok for my Korean beauty dream, because DRK can make it possible!


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