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Chin augmentation turned me confidently beautiful!

KOREAN beauty VSHAPE face is the trending beauty style for Asians nowadays. Why did Asian mostly girls embrace this kind of beauty? Because this kind of beauty balances the ratio of the face in all angles. The upper, the middle and the lower.

My quest is to enhance the ratio of the lower part of face. By doing so, I have to consult the best surgeon in town.

DRK! DRK BEAUTY MAKERS! The one of the premium plastic surgery center in Thailand! They have well-experienced and board certified surgeons! Their patients love the results and I can the feedbacks and before and after outcome are outstanding!!!

Not to mention, I have many friends who know them too and I have so many recommendations from them! DRK have grown popularity in Thailand because of the good service they offer and actually magnificent result!

When I had my consultation, the doctor was very approachable. We discussed freely the procedure that he's planning to do. With a medium sized implant (made in the USA) to be inserted through inside the chin, leaving no scar outside. The incision inside will be small and with BLOODLESS technique, it wont leave me bleeding and no harm done to my tissues. The silicone implant will be secured with a SCREW to keep the implant in position permanently.

***DAY 2: After Chin Augmentation Surgery***

Don't be shocked by the head wrap guys, this is needed no because my face got dismantled, I needed this to help reduce the swelling faster. I need to wear this for 3 days straight, then I can remove it and wear it optionally during the day and put it back at night to sleep.

Things to avoid are hot and spicy food and beverages. No brushing of teeth, I have to clean my mouth with a mouthwash for 3 days. That's all! The rest is ok!

***DAY 3: AFTER Chin Augmentation surgery***

***DAY 4: AFTER Chin Augmentation surgery***

Surprise!!! hahahha! Yes, it is still swelling. It is normal that the swelling radiates to the cheeks. But I'm alright with the swelling, it makes me look chubby but not scary. I have NO TERRIBLE BRUISES like a ZOMBIE!! I'm still lucky to have just swelling. I can go out.

***DAY 5: AFTER Chin Augmentation surgery***

***DAY 9: AFTER Chin Augmentation surgery***

The WOW FACTOR! That's what I have gained from my friends and relatives after seeing my result in just less than 2 weeks! The shape of my face is enhanced and defined! The chin prominence gave my face a balance ratio!

I feel very confident and beautiful! SUPER SATISFIED with the result!

The incision inside my mouth has already healed. I am back to normal after a week of recovery. THANKS TO DRK! I have a SAFE AND FAST RECOVERY!

Most of all, I am grateful for the change they have brought to my life! The chin augmentation surgery has clearly made my appearance more attractive than ever!

I have achieved the desired look I've been dreaming and longing for a long time! You are my fairy godfather!

Girls, you have all the right to make yourself more beautiful and feel confident. Take away the insecurities. Thank you for reading!

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