Myanmar actor for VSHAPE face at DRK

Buccal Fat Removal is the best method to get rid of the unwanted fat that is residing inside the cheeks.

Hi everyone, I’m Thu Riya and I’m an actor from Myanmar. I trust DRK to enhance my facial feature by doing BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL to get the chiseled face and give my jaw a defined shape.

As an actor, it is normal for us to strive for the best look we could have, because our look is one of our major key to keep up with our career. We have to look good in front of the cameras, as well as having a meet and greet with our beloved supporters and fans.

My concern at this time is my fatty cheeks, it makes my face look round and gives me the expression of being chubby. Sometimes I notice that my cheeks are starting to droop and sag. It's really difficult to hide it in the camera especially when we're taking films.

I decided to look for ways on how to solve my problem. Apparently, in my country we don't have much plastic surgery centers like Korea and Thailand. I was torn between Korea and Thailand, most people say that Korea is the best when it comes to plastic surgery, yes I can agree with that but not totally. Not when you compare it with DRK.

Look at my chubby cheeks! It's like a kid, and I don't want to look like a boy, I want to look like a man.

I have a friend who's also an actor, she's Ms. Hsu Eaint San, she know DRK because she goes their for her skin care. And when she decided to do Double Eyelid and Rhinoplasty, I went with her and had a consultation.

The discussion about my desired outcome was very impressive, how the doctor explained to me all the important details about the surgery and answered all my questions clearly to enlighten me and made sure I understand all the information about the procedure and instructions given.

The Buccal Fat Removal will excise the buccal fat pad through making an incision inside the mouth cavity just behind the cheeks. When the buccal fat pad is removed, it will not go back again, unlike having a facial liposuction. The skin fat will most likely reoccur once the person gains fat again.

The surgery is amazingly fast yet comfortable. I didn't expect that Buccal Fat Removal surgery could be this safe. I didn't feel pain nor discomfort during the operation. DRK surgeon applied their signature BLOODLESS technique to have a clear access and sight to the buccal fat pad without damaging facial nerves. This bloodless technique also results to less bruises and swelling during the recovery state.

After the buccal fat removal surgery, the nurses took me to the recovery room to rest until I feel well enough to go back to my hotel and continue my rest there. I was advised to apply cold packs over the cheeks and wrap my face with a compression garment for 2-3 days to help reduce the swelling faster.

***1 WEEK after I had Buccal Fat Removal***

In just 7 days, I'm have no bruises and no complications. Although my cheeks are still swollen, the incisions are not painful and no zombie-like face. I am really happy that my face didn't have terrible bruises, and importantly I can go back to my normal routine.



My colleagues and media crews give me a lot of compliments about how my face look chiseled and I look more handsome than before. My jaw line was emphasized because the fat was removed, and with chiseled face it gives my face a very manly look.

Thanks to DRK for giving me the best and safest procedure and making my desired look possible. Now, I don't have chubby round face anymore, but instead a slender manly look. My confidence and self-esteem has been boosted because I am more than satisfied with the result.

***1 MONTH AFTER Buccal Fat Removal***


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