Men makeover by DRK

Facial feature enhancements for men will definitely change the look from ZERO to HERO.

DRK surgeons are skilled and well-experienced surgeons that assures you the best and safest result you desire!

Most people are skeptical in having plastic surgery, the reason is that the result might be a complete disaster. Plastic surgery purpose is to enhance and improve ones' appearance, but when done wrong it could lead to dissatisfaction and complications.

But I'm not worried because I have found the best of all surgeons in Thailand. For me DRK has the state-of-the-art techniques and facilities with powerhouse surgeons that will absolutely achieve my expected and desirable result.

***Photo below is me before the surgery***

I went through reading DRK feedback from their patients, and it got me impressed by how the patients transformed naturally beautiful. I'm fascinated with the results as they are completely different and amazing at the same time.

***Notice my nose before I had rhinoplasty***

I have insecurities with the shape of my nose and chin. My nose is insignificantly big and wide. It is somehow unproportionate to my whole face. I want a friendly nose and narrow nostrils.

My receding chin looks weak which leaves my face look round and fat. As a man, I want to have a chiseled chin, and achieve the facial balance ratio that is suitable for real men.

During my consultation with DRK surgeon, he advised me to have rhinoplasty + alarplasty also called as nose wing reduction. As he measured my nose and carefully designed the silicone that is intended for my nose job. We both agree to the design.

As for my chin augmentation, my implant will have a SCREW technique to secure the silicone permanently to my chin refraining it from moving carelessly away and repositioned unproportionately.

DRK only uses USA made silicone implant for it has a high-quality material that is safe to the patient and can be used permanently without complications.

I made an appointment for rhinoplasty + alarplasty, and chin augmentation right away. And as I wait for the surgery date, I had a body treatment with DRK using TRIACTIVE for body firming and tightening. I love it so much! No need to go to the gym! hahaha

I felt very excited on my operation day, my friends asked me if I felt nervous, I said NEVER. Because I am doubtlessly and completely trust DRK. Aside from that, the staff and medical personnel assisted me for my preparation to surgery. They carefully checked my vital signs, monitored me until it was time to go inside the operating room.

I felt very safe and secured with the most advanced level of technology they have for operation as well as the operating environment is clean and bacteria-free, their surgical equipment are sterile and one-time use.

The operation was amazingly comfortable, I didn't feel pain or any discomforts. My surgeon made sure that I am at ease and well while he does the operation.

My recovery was very fast, it took only a week to go back to normal. My nose had no bruise, no terrible swelling, and the alars has INVISIBLE scar! My chin has no scar, and looks normal after the surgery.

***Photos below are after Rhinoplasty, Alasplasty and Chin Augmentation***

I am very satisfied with the result I have achieved by the help of DRK. My transformation is incredibly outstanding. All my friends are astounded by the outcome, and my family is very happy to see me happy and have confidence about myself.

Thanks to DRK, all of these are possible because of them. Thank you for making me look handsome and taking care of me until now.

So to those who want to look naturally handsome, I recommend DRK. You gotta see it, experience it and then you decide.


EXTREME MAKEOVER!!! I look very handsome now! I can be a model! hahahah

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