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Ms. Chisa pretty bang with a new nose. By Dr. Beer @DRK

Hello beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen out there, welcome to my short review

about my experience in doing rhinoplasty nose lift with Dr. Beer at DRK.

The problem with my nose is the shortness of the bridge and the tip is a bit too high. Also

the height of the nose bridge was not that of the ideal nose that I want.

I’ve been thinking about having rhinoplasty for so long and looking over the internet for

the best doctor to do this surgery. Believe it or not, I have been over Thailand to visit many

clinics and meet several doctor, some are terrible and some are good, but not the best.

And when doing something big like this, I don’t want any mistakes. So I waited as long as it

need. Luckily, I have this friend who had a rhinoplasty at DRK. She was very happy and

satisfied with the outcome. I saw how she changed physically and her mood. Her aura was

so alive and contagious. I got interested with her transition and so I asked her to bring me

to DRK to meet her doctor.

I checked DRK on the internet and look reviews of patients who did with Dr. Beer. Every

result was amazing and it got me all excited to meet and talk with Dr. Beer to discuss

about my nose condition.

On the consultation day, Dr. Beer told me what he can do for my nose to give it a natural

look that people will still recognize me and be stunned. He explained to me the

appropriate height for my nose bridge and the nose tip will be lift and curved nose line.

These are the things that one should be cleared about before agreeing to do the surgery.

Placing all the possible facts of what can be done and not, and in return the patient will

have to agree or not. A real good doctor will not give wrong expectations to the patients

and make them believe of unrealistic outcome. What I love about Dr. Beer is that he

explained to me very well the things that can be done for me to achieve the best possible

result. Right then and there, I trusted him and I am confident to do the surgery with him.

This is me before I had Rhinoplasty Nose lift with Dr. Beer at DRK. If you can notice my

nose is flat and the nose tip was too up, making my nose look short. This nose is the

typical Asian nose that we Asians most likely want to correct first. So after the consultation, I made an appointment for my surgery but Dr. Beer’s schedule is

too full. So I waited for a week to get my booking reservation. It is all worth it.

The Medical Staff of DRK instructed me about the things that I need to do as my

preparation before doing the surgery. I need to stop smoking and drinking for at least two

weeks. No aspirins or any meds such like that will affect the clotting of my blood. On the

day of the operation, I can still eat and drink because my operation is not a major


My rhinoplasty operation went well, amazingly it was not painful. I know this sounds so

impossible but rhinoplasty with Dr. Beer feels nothing. I only felt the anesthesia injection

and after that I didn’t feel anything at all. After the operation, I rested for few minutes at

the recovery room and the DRK nurses took care of me very well. All of them are nice and

very comforting and accommodating.

This is me 2 months after my rhinoplasty nose lift with Dr. Beer at DRK. I am so happy

with the result. Dr. Beer had accomplished everything we had planned about during the

consultation. You can see that my nose has a better definition as the height is more

prominent now. It changes how I look, my face now looks more elegant and sophisticated.

My friends and family are amazed of my nose lift result, and they now want to go to DRK

to have consultation with their surgeons. They are looking forward to do surgery with Dr.

Beer and Dr. Kolawach.

I recommend you all to come have consultation with DRK surgeons and compare them to

other doctors. And they have FREE consultation, and the location is very close to the BTS

at Sukhumvit 63 Ekkamai Soi 3. You wont have to go through all the hassle of traffic

congestions. Call them anytime or send them message in LINE or FACEBOOK, they are

always attentive to answer.

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