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Kissable Lips Reshape Surgery by Dr. Aui

Improve the shape your lips from straight dull to heart shape kissable lips!

Hi everyone, my name is Anna and I would like to share my experience in doing lip

reshape surgery with Dr. Aui, and how it changed my style and attitude.

My insecurity on my face as of now is the lips. It has no shape and very straight, my

partner told me that I look beautiful already but I told him that would it be nicer if I

change it a bit, and I’m glad that he supports me with my decision.

My boyfriend and I took the research painstakingly about how to improve lips, I don’t like

the filler because it is not permanent, and the substance injected is foreign. It could have a

side effect on the later part.

I am glad to discover DRK, and they have many expert and well known board certified

surgeons with good professional background and reviews from their patients.

I chose Dr. Aui (Dr. Kanyapa) for my planned plastic surgery procedure. I read her file from DRK’s website and I am impressed and confident to do the lip reshape surgery with her.

During my consultation, Dr. Aui was patiently explaining to me how the procedure will be. She will shape my upper lips by cutting some tissue and the stitches will not create any scar.

I fully understand my lip reshape surgery and totally agree to have it with Dr. Aui. I am so excited to get it done!

Right after my Lip reshape surgery

The operation was very impressive. It didn’t give me any nervous feelings nor discomforts.

Dr. Aui is very skillful and her hands were very accurate with the procedure. It didn’t feel any pain at all.

Look at my lips, NO BLEEDING! And the shape is perfect HEART!

*1st day after my Lip reshape with Dr. Aui**

At this day, I’m surprised to see no bruises around my mouth. The shape of my upper lip is

very lovely, it is really kissable!


2nd / 3rd / 4th days after my lip reshape surgery

Splendid result in less than week, my lips healed so fast. Almost feel like I didn’t have any

surgery. Although I have to wait to remove the stitches or wait til they finally dissolve. I will

go back to see Dr. Aui to let her check if what is the best for the incision. The rest, is just


I applied lip gloss on the 4th day. It looks very natural and no sign of infection or complications.

One week after my lip reshape surgery!

I feel sexy and pretty with my kissable lips! My boyfriend is really attractive to it, always kiss me! Hahahahha

It gives me more confidence and security to myself for enhancing the shape of my lips. Detailed and attractive shape is important, it gives my face an extraordinary beauty.

I also had a skin and body tightening and firming treatment at DRK. Triactive machine is

very effective! I don’t have to go to the gym for more than twice a week to maintain

firmness of legs. DRK makes my schedule loose and no wasting time and hard workouts

for the same result!

I’m really thankful Dr. Aui making my dream lips come true. Now, my lips don’t look boring and dull, they look marvelous and kissable.

My confidence built up even more, when I put lip gloss or lipstick, I really love it because I don’t have to try hard to line it to get a shape.

I am more than 100% satisfied with my new lips!

I made the right decision in choosing Dr. Aui as my beauty maker in changing the shape of

my lips to KISSABLE HEART SHAPED lips.

Thanks to all DRK staff for taking care of me! I will surely come back for more beauty

treatments and surgeries! Watch our friends! See you again!

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