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Gold Balance Ratio through perfect dimension of nose by DRK.

Nose is the center of the face, thus more the reason why it is very essential for the whole

face. The nose is the first to be seen, its features will give the first impression of a race.

Short flat nose gives an impression of Asian race, that’s why in most Asians, the highest

number or rate of plastic surgery is the RHINOPLASTY.

Hello everyone, I’m Chic. I’m here to give you a piece of advice that will change your life


As a typical Asian girl, I was born with a flat short, snout nose. It was never an attractive

thing for us Asians and I think most of us know what I’m talking about.

The photo above is me before I had rhinoplasty with Dr. Kolawach.

Look at that nose, short, snouty, flat nasal bridge. It was a nose of low profile Asian type.

Don’t try to disagree, because I already know.

My whole life, I’ve been suffering from this bad shaped nose, and my self esteem has been

very low because of my lousy looking nose.

I’ve been trying to look around Thailand to have the rhinoplasty surgery. I did not want to

go other countries because surgeons in Thailand are more experienced than the

surrounding countries. Even now, they are the best competitive of Korea, Australia and


One day, I ran into DRK on the website, because of many celebrities referrals. DRK is most

chosen and trusted beauty clinic and plastic surgery center by celebrities and rising star.

So I went to them and talk to Dr. Kolawach for consultation, I was very impressed with his

honest and realistic result he gave me. He also measured my nose and the height of my

implant so he can carve it and design it according to my facial structure.

This is the silicone implant they use for rhinoplasty, the material is made in the USA. The

most recommended implant by most surgeons around the world for its high quality

material and permanent result!

DRK really knows what is best for their patients, as their vision and mission is the safety of

their patients.

My operation was successful, no pain, no discomforts and no bleeding during the surgery!

Dr. Kolawach is really an expert of this field!

This is the following day after I had rhinoplasty with Dr. Kolawach. It is still swollen at this

time, but I am very surprised for seeing no visible sign of bruises and terrible outcome!

Day 2

Everything is getting better each day! My face almost look natural! Despite the very little

swelling, I can do my normal routine! NO DOWNTIME for me!!

Day 3

I look pretty much normal, my friends and officemates are very surprised and astounded

by my result! I went to work and seem perfectly fine! They all are jealous of me!

Day 5 of my rhinoplasty result!

Observe the slight curve of my nasal bridge! It looks so natural and pretty! Straight nose is

for male, and curve one is for female and mostly like a Korean Style nose!

Day 8

No more swelling!

Can you see the difference of my nose from before? Big changes! Everyone told me I look

magnificently beautiful!

And those compliments I am receiving makes me feel good about myself, and it boosts my

self esteem!

My boyfriend and friends went for a tour outside the country!

Yey!! I am happy and confident about myself, because of my new beautiful nose my life

became bright and alive.

My dream nose came true because of Dr. Kolawach, and the best part is that I did not

have any complications or trouble after my surgery.

Being beautiful really can change not only the look but also the mood of a person. So if

looking beautiful would make you feel happy, then do something about it.

The height of my nose created a perfect dimension to my face making it achieve the gold

balance ratio.

I would like to thank Dr. Kolawach for giving me the best result and perfect fit for my facial


Also big thanks to DRK team for taking care of me and assisting me since day one until


I surely come back for more surgeries and skin care treatments. ^^

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