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Achieve a Sexy Face with Slim Cheeks, Buccal fat removal by Dr. Kolawach

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

Happy New Day ... Miss International Queen's 2016 won Best National Costume Winner Top 10

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

My beauty transformation with DRK really made my life incredible, and it boosted my

confidence more than ever.

In Thailand, plastic surgery among celebrities is rapidly growing as the society is beginning

to accept the idea of improving beauty under the knife.

And as a celebrity, we must maintain to be fairly competitive with other celebrities to keep

the career going and successful. But as a normal girl, I do have insecurities about myself

too and one of them is my chubby round face.

Round face looks cute to other people, but for me I don’t like it. I want to have sexy slim

cheeks like Koreans. I never felt comfortable with my chubby cheeks because my friends

always tease me of having a round plate face.

That’s why, I started looking for the best surgeon in the country to help me achieve my

dreams of having a slim cheeks.

I ran into so many different surgeons, but nothing really got me impressed. Until one of

my favorite NET IDOL shared her experienced in having plastic surgery with Dr. Kolawach.

It got my attention right away and I made a consultation.

**Photos shown below are my picture before I had Buccal Fat Removal with Dr. Kolawach**

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

My consultation with Dr. Kolawach was very informative and I realized a lot about my

facial structure and how to achieve balance face contour.

He explained to me thoroughly about how he will perform the procedure and how to take

care of myself after the operation.

The operation will be done in DRK facility and will take in less than an hour, I can go back

home on the same day. Everything will be going smooth! Very professional method!

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

Today is my Buccal Fat Removal surgery with Dr. Kolawach. I am waiting at the COZY lobby,

and the DRK staff is taking care of me like a real VIP!

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

The DRK personnel are preparing me for the operation. No need for fasting before the

procedure, just not smoke and no drinking of alcohol for at least a week. And no aspirins.

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

**This is my buccal fat pad removed by Dr. Kolawach**

A lot right?? I am very happy that doctor removed that much unwanted fat from my


VSHAPE Buccal Fat

These are my buccal fat pad.

So great to see them out of my cheeks! Hahahaha

The operation was really safe and comfortable. Dr. Kolawach’s hands were very gentle and

skillful. I can really tell how expert he is in this field.

He made sure that I am fine during the operation and make me feel comfortable the

whole time.

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

I’m at the RECOVERY room now. DRK really is one of a kind plastic surgery center. Their

facility for OR and Recovery room is like a combination of HOTEL and HOSPITAL!

They have professional medical nurse to monitor me until I feel ready to go back home

and continue my rest.

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

**2 days after I had Buccal Fat removal with Dr. Kolawach**

I was advised to wear this face support garment to help reduce the swelling faster, aside

from applying cold compress and anti-swelling medicines.

I don’t have bruises and bearable pain, although I cannot drink and eat hot and spicy food

to avoid irritation to the incision area inside the mouth.

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

**3rd day after I had Buccal Fat Removal with Dr. Kolawach**

Today, I can remove the face support garment, and you see how normal my face looks???

Very surprising, not even one bruises on my face. Dr. Kolawach’s BLOODLESS technique is

really effective! Now I can show the world my face without worrying marks from my


VSHAPE Buccal Fat

**4th day after I had Buccal Fat Removal with Dr. Kolawach**

Everything’s back to the way things are used to be. I am in the airplane as you can see, I

am going to Bali, Indonesia!!!!

I can’t believe that in just 4 days I can do normal routine!!!!

Although my face is still appear swollen, and the expected result from my buccal fat

removal operation is not seen yet. But it’s ok. Important thing is, I am SO BACK TO


VSHAPE Buccal Fat

**5 days after**

Feeling gorgeous in Bali beach!

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

**6th day after**

Everything is going better and better and great every day!

This experience is unbelievable! But it is happening! Very fast recovery and no

complication! Now I’m just waiting for the swelling to completely subside to see my

desired result.

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

One week after my buccal fat removal surgery and everything is perfect!

I feel great inside and outside. I am really grateful to have Dr. Kolawach as my Beauty

Maker and forever thankful for his magic hands for making me beautiful.

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

I feel very confident about my slim cheeks now, and my friends are all amazed to see my

new sexy face look. They cannot tease me anymore.

Some people say I look like a Korean, and I feel so happy getting compliments from them.

It boosted my confidence and made my life better because I feel happy in my heart now

that my chubby face problem is gone forever.

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

Thank you so much Dr. Kolawach for making my dream slim cheeks come true. You are

indeed the best surgeon in Thailand for me!

And thanks to all DRK staff for taking care of me and assisting me all the time, for such

kindness and friendliness.

Hope to see you all soon! I will surely come back for more beauty makeover! ^^

VSHAPE Buccal Fat

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