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VShape Korean Cute face through Buccal Fat Removal

VShape face gives the face a slim sexy look like Koreans, and this can be achieved through Buccal Fat Removal.

Some of you might have seen me on TV or take me familiar on some commercials and magazines. I am a celebrity here in Thailand, and I wanna be a SUPERSTAR among many others.

Today's trend of beauty is like Koreans. The skin, the shape of the face and slim figure, and my most concern right now is to achieve the VSHAPE face.

Plastic surgery has many techniques and methods in achieving a particular result, but on my part, I want it permanent and not so extensive procedure.

In Thailand, there are few surgeons that are known and well- experienced, in the world of entertaining business, DRK is one of the celebrities' choice for beauty makeover. I have lots of friends and coworkers in the industry that trust DRK regarding changing their looks.

So I came to DRK for beauty makeover.

I had whole body beauty treatment at DRK, SNOW WHITE VITAMIN C injection for bright and radiant skin. As a TV personality, it is important to look smooth and flawless at all times. Snow White Vitamin C will keep me look fresh and young, radiant and smooth and brightly beautiful!

This machine is Triactive, it will tone my legs and make it firm. No need to exercise to be toned! DRK can do it for me without breaking any sweat! This skin maintenance is really convenient for me because I don't have time to exercise after being so tired from working.

Let's not forget the main problem here, my chubby face. I really want it gone, correct this round face right away.

I talked to Dr. Kolawach regarding my chubby face, and he got the best solution for me. One time operation, permanent result and no complication - Buccal Fat Removal. The procedure will be less than an hour, incision is inside the mouth so there will be no scar.

I completely trust Dr. Kolawach and his explanation is realistic. I don't feel any doubts, I know in my heart that Dr. Kolawach will do this best in making me achieve that I want.

Now Im more than ready for my buccal fat removal surgery, the nurses assisted me for my pre-operating procedures, and took away all my worries and nervousness. They were all very friendly and reassuring.

As expected the operation was securing and comforting. Dr. Kolawach and DRK medical team made me feel safe and comfortable the entire operation.

Dr. Kolawach's hands are very gentle, I didn't feel any pain and discomfort. Doctor made me feel safe and trust him all the time so I wont feel scared.

There are bleeding occurred, I saw my buccal fat pad pulled out and there was a lot, I felt relieved seeing it. Everything is worth it!

I have to wear this face compression garment and apply ice pack to help reduce the swelling faster.

I was advised not to eat hot and spicy food and drinks to avoid irritation in the incision area. Other than that, everything is pretty much normal.

** 1 Week after I had buccal fat removal with Dr. Kolawach**

I had a very fast recovery, I went back to photoshoots and films after a week. My daily activities and routine are back to normal. Other than that, the swollen is almost gone. I just wait after two weeks for make it fade away completely.

** 2-3 weeks after my buccal fat removal surgery with Dr. Kolawach **

I feel very confident now seeing that my cheeks are slim, and I got rid of my chubby cheeks forever! My friends gave me compliments of looking more attractive and my aura feels different. The secret is, my built up confidence inside ^^

A lot of people tell me I look like a half Korean, and I love hearing those compliments. After my operation, my confidence has grown and it gives me a positive and bright attitude, and many companies saw that in me and now I got more invitation from TV shows.

My life and career is better after my beauty transformation at DRK. It change not only my look by also my perspective about my self. And for that, I am forever thankful to DRK and Dr. Kolawach for making my dreams come true. And I would surely come back for more beauty makeovers.

So hang in there guys coz I'm gonna see you again soon! ^^

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