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Male Designed Nose Line

The best rhinoplasty I ever have was here at DRK. Since I had rhinoplasty nose lift 2 years ago from other clinic, I wasn’t satisfied with the result and always ask my relatives and friends how do I look, is it ok, does it look natural on me, etc. And none of their answers really gave me the satisfaction of it. So for 2 years, I fail to be confident and I was unhappy. My insecurities build up and whenever I see other people happy with their nose jobs I envy them. I thought to myself, I should not be like this. I cant be like this forever. I have to do something, and by all means I will do whatever it takes to make me happy and confident.

I started to search for good clinics around Bangkok. I found many clinics and doctors in the internet, but when I saw the before and after, it looks too fake and overselling. I told to myself, I cant fall into these gimmicks because I have my experience already and it wasn’t as good as it looked in the advertisements. Luckily, I have this acquaintance I met from media. He has a very attractive appearance, and when we talked he was so proud who did his nose. I didn’t actually notice that it wasn’t real, because it looks so natural. Then he said, he did it in DRK. I was surprise because I’ve been seeing DRK all over the internet and just skipping the ads.

As soon I got home, I called DRK and made an appointment with their doctor. The staff over the phone was very attentive and friendly. She asked me about my concern and basic information. She was very professional in taking customers.

After talking to my surgeon, I learned about how my REVISION Rhinoplasty is gonna be , Replace the silicone : the shape of my first nose job is not proportionate to my facial structure because it looked like I’m a crooked person. Too high and too straight. DRK surgeon suggested that the best shape for my kind of facial structure is a bit curve nose bridge and define the nose tip to make it more slimmer point.

During the operation, I never thought it’s gonna be that relaxing and comforting. Unlike my previous rhinoplasty operation, it was nerve wracking and painful. At DRK, the nurses made sure that my vitals are stable and I am sterile. Their facilities are like in the hospital, so I knew that I am safe and free from any infection. More to that, my doctor was very professional and I can feel this expert on what he was doing. His hands were very smooth and skilled.

After the operation, I rested in DRK’s recovery area for few minutes. Then the nurse advised me how to take my medicines. For now, I don’t feel any pain in my nose. They gave me pain reliever and anti swelling medicines to help me get the best recovery period possible.

This is me before my REVISION Rhinoplasty at DRK. Look at the nose bridge, it’s too wide and broad like an elephant nose. This is already 2 years but looks like it is still swollen. That’s why I never felt confident with how I look. I’m so glad to discover DRK and have the chance to change my life.

This is the 1st week after I had REVISION Rhinoplasty at DRK. It is still swollen a bit for now, but it is not that obvious. My friends didn’t notice the swollen, instead they said that I look more handsome and happy. Which is a good sign that I am building my confidence from here. I really feel blessed that DRK made a big change in my attitude and affects my life in a good way.

This is the 2nd week after my REVISION Rhinoplasty at DRK. I am now back to my normal life, back working and all my officemates desire my new look and all of them wants to go to DRK and have plastic surgery. I told them to go have a consultation and they will all be surprised with how professional all the staff and surgeons at DRK.

This is the 3rd week after my REVISION Rhinoplasty at DRK. Everything is getting better. Normal life and normal routine. Nothing to worry about. Compare to my previous rhinoplasty that I had in other clinic, it was so terrible I had to stay at home all the time or wear mask when I go out because my face looked like a zombie. But now with DRK, even on the 3rdday I was ready to go out and meet my friends.

This is me exactly 1month after my REVISION Rhinoplasty at DRK. I feel so totally perfect. My nose is not swollen anymore, my face changed in a very natural, hunky and tantalizing drawing attention. So much better than my previous nose job.

My whole recovery period with my nose job done at DRK was incredibly wonderful. Compare to what I had before, this time was like the easiest and comfortable recovery anyone can have. Thanks to all DRK staff and medical team for being thoughtful and never forget to remind me with the things I should do. And of course my doctor who did marvelous job for me. My life has changed and my confidence has built up. Now am happiest as ever.

So that my lovely friends, I all invite you to give yourself a time to have a consultation with DRK surgeons, to understand your condition. Talking to a real expert in plastic surgery will give you wider understanding on things you need and don’t need to do. You have to be wise and make sure that you wont be needing to make REVISION on it in the future. Thank you for reading and wish everyone best of looks ^^

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