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Jaw Surgery Press Conference

Press conference about Jaw surgery with lecture from Dr. Chanchai and Dr. Kolawach. With our representative case (patients) to tell their experience in doing the jaw surgery with our surgeons.

The moment of truth about DRK's Maxillo facial surgeon Dr. Chanchai and DRK DIrector Dr. Kolawach share their outstanding technique and how they make magic in creating beauty that make everyone say "WOW".

Thailand famous Reporter, Ms. Nongsen is our host for the jaw surgery press conference.

Dr. Chanchai on giving his lecture about jaw surgery and facts about it. The skull is the patient's actual facial bone structure. In this way, the doctor and the patient can discuss the jaw surgery desired result accordingly to have the most effective and efficient result.

Read Dr. Chanchai's profile at

Dr. Chanchai and jaw surgery representatives our very own patients Dr. Pui and Ms. Ploy. Discussing the procedure they undergone and the result they have.

Stories of these beauty ladies Dr. Pui and Ms. Ploy changed their life forever.

Read Ms. Ploy beauty transformation at

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